Holiday Drive Looks to Feed 500 Shelter Cats in Need
Luxury cat furniture designer, The Refined Feline, launches its Feed 500 Felines holiday drive. They provide the funding. Cat owners pick the shelters.
NEW YORK, November 24th, 2009- Cats around country will have a little more food in their tummies this holiday season. Animal shelters, large and small, are in constant need of food and supplies, especially towards the end of the calendar year. While major pet food manufacturers offer donations, their supply is limited and does not cover the entire need. The Refined Feline, a New York City based cat furniture company, will do its part to alleviate this problem.

Beginning November 25th, The Refined Feline, will launch its holiday drive: Feed 500 Felines. The program looks to feed 500 shelter cats for 30 days with a donation to 10 shelters to feed their furry guests as they wait for adoption.

“Cat shelters rely on donations for everything from food, to veterinary care, to utilities,” says Josh Feinkind, owner of The Refined Feline. “The animal lovers who run these shelters donate their own time and money. If we can assist them in their efforts, then we are happy to do so.”

The Refined Feline has devised a fun and easy program, which raises funds for donation, based upon the product purchased. For example, if their Lotus Cat Tower is purchased, the company will allocate enough funds to feed 30 shelter cats for a day. If their Refined Cat Litter Box is purchased, The Refined Feline will allocated funds to feed 15 cats for a day. There are twelve products eligible for the program on their web site. The ultimate objective is to raise enough funds to feed a total of 500 hungry shelter cats for 30 days.

“What’s great about this program is that cat owners will vote on where the funds are distributed to,” continues Feinkind. “A customer who purchases a Lotus can vote for their local shelter and can encourage their friends to do the same. Anyone can vote, and there is no cost to participate. The shelters that receive the top 10 votes will receive the donation funds evenly.”

Economic hardship decreases donation levels from the public, and support from local governments. The Feed 500 Felines holiday drive will ensure that cats continue to be well fed as we get through this difficult time.