Frequently Asked Questions

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Product Care

Does The Refined Feline offer a warranty on cat furniture?

We offer a 6-month limited warranty on our cat furniture. The warranty covers any manufacturer’s defects and does not cover wear and tear on carpet and sisal. Customers are responsible for the shipping cost of returning the product.

What is The Refined Feline cat furniture return policy?

For cat lovers unsure if their cat will take to our products, we offer a 60-day trial. The trial starts from the day the package is delivered. Some cats need a few weeks to get comfortable with new furniture. Try catnip or treats to help encourage them.

However, if your cat isn’t using their new furniture and you’d like a refund, please first contact customer service before returning the product. Money-back guarantee only applies to items ordered on and not purchased through 3rd parties. Please contact those retailers regarding their return policies

Your purchase price will be refunded minus a 10% fee which covers our cost of shipping to you.

Returns can either be mailed to our returns department at your expense or as an alternative, donated to a local shelter or rescue (with prior approval).

We do not accept returns unless defective.


Where do you ship your cat furniture?

We ship to all 50 states in the US. Orders to Hawaii and Alaska will incur an additional shipping charge.

All of our items also ship to Canada and Mexico. We only ship our non-wood items outside of North America.

Please contact customer service with your address and the items you are interested in for a quote.

What do I do if my cat furniture arrives damaged?

If your cat furniture was damaged:
1) Repack all items with stryofoam packing
2) Contact your distributor to request pick up of the damaged piece
3) A damage claim tag will be issued to pick up the item
4) A replacement will be sent

*You must contact your distributor within 10 DAYS to get a free replacement


What do I do if my cat furniture arrives damaged?

If your cat furniture was damaged:
1) Repack all items with stryofoam packing
2) Contact your distributor to request pick up of the damaged piece
3) A damage claim tag will be issued to pick up the item
4) A replacement will be sent
*You must contact your distributor within 10 DAYS to get a free replacement


Is your cat furniture sturdy?

Our cat furniture has been thoroughly feline tested and approved. Most of our cat furniture has been brought to animal shelters to test for use with multiple cats. If our products can withstand dozens of shelter cats daily, they can hold up to your pets.

Is your cat furniture safe for cats?

Our products are specifically designed to be safe for cats of all sizes and breeds. They are sturdy and can hold cats no matter their weight. All of our materials are non toxic.

Is your cat furniture safe for kids?

Our products are built to withstand more stress than the average household cats can dish out. We consider our products as safe as other pieces of wooden furniture in your home, like chairs, stools, and shelving units. These products, like our own, are not meant to be played upon by children. We have home tested our products in households with toddlers who enjoyed exploring our designs. We are confident that, when assembled properly, our designs are sturdy and safe. Nonetheless, these are products for cats, not children.

Usage Tips

Do I have to pay sales tax on your your cat furniture?

Only items shipped to Texas will be charged sales tax.

How can I get replacement parts for the cat furniture?

All wearable parts on our cat furniture is replaceable. Simply go to our parts & accessories page to find replacements parts & accessories for all of our cat furniture. There you will find replacement cushions, carpeting, sisal, and more. (To remove a sisal scratchpad, simply unscrew it but keep the screws).

How do I clean my cat furniture?

A light dilution of soap and water can be used to clean wood veneers. Berber carpet may be cleaned with handheld vacuums and carpet-safe cleaners. We do not recommend steam cleaning carpet that is attached to the units, nor do we recommend harsh chemical or oils to clean veneers. Cushions can be machine washed in cold, delicate cycle. Note, color may bleed.

How can I change the cushion cover on my cat furniture?

All of our cushions come with durable fabric covers that can be removed and washed. All replaceable parts can be found on our parts & accessories page.

What makes your cat furniture the best?

Our cat furniture is different from the rest because it is designed with both the cat and cat lover in mind. We have incorporated features that cats enjoy such as high perches, cozy hidden cubbies, and sisal scratchers, into designs that are pleasing to the eye. In doing so, cat owners can bring stylish cat furniture into their living room or kitchen area, rather than having to hide it like other cat furniture that is usually an eyesore.

Our cat furniture can be customized to match your décor. The Refined Feline’s designs were chosen after carefully surveying cat owners nationwide. In short, the difference between our cat furniture and other companies’ designs is that The Refined Feline is committed to giving you quality pieces you will want to show off and cat furniture your cat will love.

Is the design of your cat furniture customizable?

All of our cat furniture comes in multiple finishes for you to choose from that are made to match your decor. You can also choose the cushion/carpeting color for all of our cat furniture that has them.

Some products, like the Metropolitan Cat Condo, not only allow you to choose the frame and platform colors but you can also choose to replace a platform with one that has a built-in food bowl or add a toy!

The Refined Litter Box Deluxe is another piece of customizable cat furniture that we design. You can choose from multiple door panel styles as well as multiple feel styles.

How do I get my cat comfortable with your cat furniture?

Sometimes, cats can take a little while to get used to their new cat furniture. You can try using your cat’s favorite treats to lure them onto each level or get them to jump onto a shelf that they may not have realized is for them! If your cat enjoys catnip, you can also place or spray some catnip onto the cat furniture. Ideally, you should try to place it in your cat’s favorite spot or near a window.

How do I teach my cat to scratch sisal & not my furniture?

Usually, cats won’t immediately know to scratch the sisal instead of your furniture. If your cat is attracted to the smell of catnip, try sprinkling catnip on the sisal. Also, if you scratch the sisal in front of your cat, it will usually mimic that action.

You can also remove the sisal units and place them in areas your cats usually scratch. Once your cats realize the sisal is for them, they will scratch away on it. Another method is to get the cat’s personal scent on the sisal. Carefully rub her paws on the sisal, or wipe her paws several times with a damp paper towel and then rub the towel on the sisal.

This technique is also useful for nervous cats who are spraying. You can rub their body with some towels, then rub the towels on surfaces in the areas that cause them to spray. If cats smell their own scent, they tend not to mark again.

What is the coupon policy on your cat furniture?

Coupons may have different terms so make sure to read the details of that promotion. Generally, coupons can not be combined, applied to items on sale, or used on parts & accessories.

Why did I not receive a confirmation email for my cat furniture order from The Refined Feline?

Please make sure to check your spam folder. As soon as an order is received at, our system automatically sends an order confirmation. Sometimes, automatic emails get caught by the spam filter. If you still don’t see the confirmation, contact us and we will resend it to you

How can I track my cat furniture order?

As soon as your order from is shipped, our system automatically sends an email with the tracking number. Sometimes, automatic emails get caught by the spam filter. If you still don’t see the tracking number email, please contact us.

What do I do if I didn’t receive all of my cat furniture?

While we generally ship all items within an order at the same time, sometimes items do get separated in transit. Please contact us with your order number so we can check on the status of the items that have not yet been delivered.

How soon will my cat furniture arrive?

Once your order is received, it will ship out the following business day. US orders ship via Fedex Ground which generally takes 1-5 business days to arrive.

Can I change the delivery address of an existing order?

Please contact us right away to change an address for an existing order. If the order is already in transit, we may be able to work with the shipping carrier to get it re-directed to the correct address.

What do I do if my cat doesn’t like the cat furniture?

To encourage your cat to use the furniture, we recommend these tips:

  • Place the item in a common area where you spend a lot of time so that your scent gets on it. Your cat will be more comfortable exploring it if it smells familiar.
  • Play with your cat on and near the furniture. Your cat will quickly learn that this is a place to play. If they also see the furniture as a place where they get love and affection, they’ll want to be there all the time.
  • Bribe your cat! Place catnip, treats, and toys all over the furniture to entice your cat.

We know cats can be finicky and for this reason, we offer a 60-day money-back trial. If the above tips don’t work, simply contact us and we will make arrangements with you so you can donate the item to a non-profit animal shelter and we can then process a refund.

How can I make sure the cat furniture will match my decor?

We offer color samples! Just contact us and indicate which color samples you’d like along with your address.

I need a piece of my cat furniture replaced but don’t see it listed.

We carry replacement parts for almost every part of every piece of cat furniture we carry. Please contact us for further assistance.

When will cat furniture that is out of stock be available?

If an item is out of stock but will be available again in the near future, you will see a spot to enter your email on the product page. You will receive an email when that item is back in stock!

Is your cat furniture easy to assemble?

Yes, all of our cat furniture comes with all of the tools and pieces needed for assembly, even the screwdriver! Depending on the piece of cat furniture, the assembly usually takes anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour.

All cat furniture comes with easy-to-read instructions. If those get lost, you can contact us to get a pdf version!

What do I do if my cat furniture says it was delivered but I didn’t get it?..

Please contact us as soon as possible with your tracking number and order number so that we can work with the carrier to find your package.


Free ground shipping on orders over $60 within the continental US. Orders outside the continental US will incur an extra fee. Contact Customer Service with your postal code for additional costs. Free shipping is valid on products only, accessories and replacement parts are not included.

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