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Do you offer a warranty?
We offer consumers a 6 month limited warranty. Warranty covers manufacturers defect and does not cover carpet and sisal wear and tear. Consumers are responsible for shipping cost of returning the product.
Are your products sturdy?
Our products have been thoroughly tested for strength. Most are brought to animal shelters to test for use with multiple cats. If our products can with withstand dozens of shelter cats daily, they can hold up to your pets. 🙂
What is The Refined Feline Return Policy?
Cat Furniture Items
For cat lovers unsure if their cat will take to our products, we offer a 60-day trial. The trial starts from the day the package is delivered. You must first contact customer service before returning the product to receive a refund. Rather than return the item to us, we prefer used items are donated to local cat shelters and rescues. Money-back guarantee only applies to items ordered on and not purchased through 3rd parties. Please contact those retailers regarding their return policies.

We do not accept returns unless defective.

My pet furniture order arrived damaged
If you order was damaged
1) Repack all items with stryofoam packing
2) Contact your distributor to request pick up of the damaged piece
3) A damage claim tag will be issued to pick up item
4) A replacement will be sent
Do you ship to Hawaii, Alaska, and outside of the U.S.?
Orders to Hawaii and Alaska will incur an additional shipping charge.

We ship all our items to Canada and Mexico. We only ship our non-wood items outside of North America.

Please contact Customer Service with what items for which you are interested for a quote.

Are your products safe for cats?
Our products are made to be safe for cats. Materials are non toxic
What is your sales tax rate?
Items shipped to Texas will be charged 8.25%.
How do I clean my cat furniture?
A light dilution of soap and water can be used to clean wood veneers. Berber carpet may be cleaned with handheld vacuums and carpet-safe cleaners. We do not recommend steam cleaning carpet that is attached to the units, nor do we recommend harsh chemical or oils to clean veneers. Cushions can be machine washed in cold, delicate cycle. Note, color may bleed.
How can I replace parts; which parts are replaceable?
Shelves and sisal pieces are replaced by simply screwing them off (keep your screws). Replacement kits can be purchase through our web site.
How can I change cushion fabric?
Cushion comes with durable fabric cover. Replacement covers are available
Are these products safe for kids?
Our products are built to withstand more stress than the average household cats can dish out. We consider our products as safe as other pieces of wooden furniture in your home, like chairs, stools, and shelving units. These products, like our own, are not meant to be played upon by children. We have home tested our products in households with toddlers who enjoyed exploring our designs. We are confident that, when assembled properly, our designs are sturdy and safe. Nonetheless, these are products for cats, not children.
What's the difference between your products and other Cat Trees, Cat Castles, Cat Condos, and Cat Furniture on the market?
Our products are different from others on the market in that they are designed with both the cat and owner in mind. We have incorporated features that cats enjoy, high perches, cozy cubbies, and sisal scratchers to name a few, into designs that are pleasing to the eye. In doing so, cat owners can bring stylish cat furniture into their living room or kitchen area, rather than hiding those similarly priced eyesores currently on the market. Our products can be customized to match many décors. The Refined Feline’s designs were chosen after carefully surveying cat owners nationwide. In short, the difference between our cat furniture and other companies’ designs is that The Refined Feline is committed to giving you quality pieces you will want to show off and furniture your cat will love.
Is the design of your cat furniture customizable?
While you can request a stain of your choice, the overall design of our cat furniture can not be modified.
Getting your cat comfortable with our furniture.
Often, cats are not as eager to enjoy the gifts we bring home to them as we might like. With our own cat, who enjoys high perches, we actually had to show him that the Lotus is easily accessed by jumping from shelf to shelf – he simply did not know this new piece of furniture was meant for him! Using favorite treats, we lured him from shelf to shelf till he reached the top. Other ideas for encouraging include spraying or sprinkling the unit with Catnip. Try placing the unit near a favorite window or other favorite spot in your house. If you have other suggestions, be sure to let us know!
Teaching your cat to scratch sisal rather than your furniture.
Usually cats don’t know they are meant to scratch the sisal instead of your Oriental rug. If your cat is attracted to the smell of catnip, try sprinkling catnip on the sisal. Also, we found that if owners scratched items in front of their cat, the cat will mimic. Use this method to scratch the sisal. You can also remove the sisal units and place them in areas your cat usually scratches. Once the cat realizes the sisal is for him, he will scratch away. Another method is to get the cat’s personal scent on the sisal. Carefully rub her paws on the sisal, or wipe her paws several times with a damp paper towel and then rub the towel on the sisal. This technique is also useful for nervous cats who are spraying – rub their body with some towels, then rub the towels on surfaces in the areas that cause him to spray. If cats smell their own scent, they tend not to mark again.
What is your coupon policy?

Coupons may have different terms and see those terms for the details. Generally, coupons can not be combined, applied to items on sale, or used on parts & accessories.