Food & Drink Supplies

Welcome to a lineup of cat food bowls, pet food storage solutions, and cat water fountains designed to elevate your feline’s dining experience. Here, you’ll find the purrfect options for helping to feed and water your cat in the heathiest and most stylish ways possible.

Only the Best Cat Food Bowls & Water Fountains for Your Feline

Because we believe cats deserve the best, we only offer dining options and pet food storage solutions that marry healthy function with modern style to ensure cats live like the royalty they believe they are. That same principle applies when it comes to your cat’s hydration needs. Proper cat water fountains and bowls encourage cats to drink more while providing a clean look that matches your home. Check out our tips for choosing cat bowls and fountains.

Tips for Choosing the Best Cat Foods Bowls

Choosing the best cat food bowl for your kitty requires a bit of consideration. Style is nice, but be sure to think about how a cat bowl serves your feline’s needs. Elevated cat food bowls and those with a tilt help improve feline digestion and lessen neck strain. Also, cats can experience a phenomenon known as whisker fatigue, and their bowls are usually the culprit behind it. Choose cat food bowls with wide openings and a shallow build to combat whisker stress. Such designs give whiskers plenty of room and prevent them from repeatedly brushing the bowl.

What Material is best for a Cat Bowl?

Ceramic and stainless-steel cat bowls are the optimal choice. These materials are easier to clean and tend to suffer less surface scratching. Scratches in your cat’s food bowl can harbor bacteria that can be hard to eliminate. If opting for plastic pet food bowls, choose safe, food-grade plastic materials, as cheap plastics can lead to feline acne.

Cat Water Fountains and Bowls for Healthy Hydration

Did you know cats are instinctually drawn to moving water? Did you also know cats often don’t drink enough water? Satisfy your cat’s instincts and increase their liquid intake with a cat water fountain! With the Flow Auto Sterilizing Pet Water Fountain, felines will be enticed to sip more often and find the stream fun to watch.

How Much Water Should a Cat Drink a Day?

On average, cats should consume around one cup of water per day. If you’re looking to keep easy track of how much water your cat is lapping up, consider a cat water bowl with measurement markings such as the one included in the Libra Pet Bowl Feeder with Digital Scale. Like food bowls, ensure you choose quality materials like stainless steel, ceramic, or food-grade plastics for pet water bowls.

Cat Food Storage Containers for the Freshest Bites

Dry cat food can lose some of its luster after a bag has been open for a while. Keep kitty’s kibble tasting fresh and crunchy longer with pet food storage containers. In addition to flavor, airtight pet food containers keep pests from invading the food while reducing the risk of spoilage from exposure to air and moisture. Ensure your pet food bin is made of food-grade materials and can be easily washed with soap and water. For the best in food preservation, opt for cat food containers that remove oxygen automatically via a vacuum pump.

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