Cat Wall Shelves & Perches

Add a design accent to any wall with these sturdy wall mounted cat shelves & cat wall furniture. They won’t just help your cat feel safe and secure, they’re aesthetically appealing as well! Mix and match multiple cat shelves to create a custom catwalk.

Why add cat shelves to your wall..

Cat wall shelves help cats to feel safe, secure, and downright cozy. In addition, cats have amazing climbing and jumping abilities. This allows us to create catwalks along our walls with cat wall furniture to provide them their own space.

Modern Cat Wall Shelves that are Feline Approved

Cats want to feel secure as they run up and down their catwalk. Therefore, by using thick bent plywood or steel, feline footing is guaranteed. Curved cat shelves, like the Lotus Leaf Cat Shelf, provide comfortable space for your cat to curl into. The cat shelves have multiple cover options. Berber carpet, faux sheepskin, and faux white fur make catnaps easy to achieve.

Sturdy Wall Mounted Cat Shelves

Our cat wall shelves come with all the hardware needed to keep them in place. The provided screwdriver, wall anchors, & screws for drilling into wall studs, will get your new cat wall shelves set up in no time.

Create a Catwalk with Cat Climbing Shelves

Mix and match our cat shelves together to build a custom catwalk. You can do this by positioning the Lotus Leaf Cat Shelf near the longer Lotus Branch Cat Shelf. Watch as your cats climb up your walls and perch from above. You can also use a corner to place a right-facing Cat Cloud Cat Shelf above a left-facing one. Watch with delight as they scale up the cat shelves.

Even the largest domestic cats are easily supported by our sturdy wooden cat shelves. The wide platform will also give them the room they need. As with all products from The Refined Feline, any parts that can soil or show wear can be removed and washed, or replaced.

Complete the look of your feline-friendly home by complementing your wooden cat shelves with a wooden cat tree like the Lotus Cat Tower. The Metropolitan Cat Condo has a metal frame and is a great complement if you have metal cat shelves like the Cat Cloud Cat Shelves.

Why Do Cats Need Cat Wall Furniture?

Cat wall shelves are beneficial to indoor cats for many reasons. Above all, it is important for cats to have a space of their own that they feel comfortable in. You can set up these cat shelves based on your cat and your home's needs. Cats love to be high up and they also love to look out the window. So, you can place these wall mounted cat shelves along the wall with the last one by the window. Your cats will love to nap and perch on these cozy padded floating cat shelves all day long.

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