Cat Scratching Posts

Bring some zen to your home with a cool modern cat scratcher from The Refined Feline that cats are drawn to scratch on. Options include tall weighted cat scratching posts made from durable poly rattan and won’t break and resists tipping as well as furniture style scratching surfaces.

Modern Cat Scratching Furniture

Cats love to scratch. They do it to leave their scent, to sharpen their claws, and even to stretch their legs. However, if they aren’t provided with the right scratching outlet, they will find other ways to meet their scratching needs… like on your fine furniture. Proper cat scratching posts gives cats a large material to scratch, with a material they are drawn to sink their claws into.

Using poly rattan construction, the cat scratching posts like the Calypso Everlasting Cat Scratcher can withstand the most voracious of scratchers. Its thick strands will hold up for all nine lives while the woven design creates a surface that cats are drawn to scratch on.

As the name suggests, the A-Frame Cat Bed is much more than just a sisal cat scratching post. While it does feature a large sisal panel for scratching, it also doubles as a wooden end table and a covered cat bed. Your cat will love to nap in the cute cat bed all day long. Don't worry though, if the cushion gets dirty, it can be washed or replaced.

Tall Cat Scratching Posts for Cats of All Sizes

Cats often enjoy stretching their legs while they claw. Tall cat scratching posts are a must-have no matter the size of your cat. However, heavier cats prefer a stable surface which is why a weighted base is offered as an add-on to the Calypso Everlasting Cat Scratcher.

Best Cat Scratching Post

Why settle on a ratty cardboard scratcher that makes a mess when clawed? Cats often destroy those scratchers, making them look terrible pretty quickly. However, an eye-catching design is a signature feature of The Refined Feline. A beautiful modern cat scratching post can be a talking piece rather than an eye-sore. By constructing them in durable materials like poly rattan and sisal, they can last the test of time. Multiple colors allow you to match your cat furniture to your home’s furniture.

A quality tall cat scratching post from The Refined Feline helps keep your cats happy and their claws healthy. You’ll appreciate their stylish designs and keep your favorite chair or sofa scratch-free.

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