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Our Customer Feedback: Best Modern Cat Furniture

We love hearing from The Refined Feline customers who share how our cat furniture has made an impact in their home and their cats’ lives. Have you found the best cat wall shelves, cat bed, litter box furniture, or cat tree for your pet and living space? Share your feedback!

Based on 6127 reviews
Perfect for deck!

We'll take it in during the winter, but it's a perfect side table for the deck and the cat loves it. Ran right in and flopped down. Looks great, good aeration to give him a breeze in the hottest days. Love it.

Great product

Needed something to feed the cats on and to keep the bowls away from the dogs that was easy to clean and not horrible looking as it stands in the kitchen / dining room. This was perfect. We have one messy eater and we can just wipe off the mess. This is sturdy - which is important as one of our cats is 15lbs, but also because our German Shepherd tries to jam her body in it to catch the food spray. It doesn't budge. Great product, worth every penny.

Lotus Leaf Cat Shelf
Polina Hristova
Love it but I miss my cat.

This product was such a hit that now my cat lives in the wall only 🤣. She no longer cares to sleep with me and only leaves the wall to go eat or use her litter box. If she wants pets she'll come off only to make sure she's seen and get us to follow her to her leaf. The product was too good hahaha.

She loved it!

I expected her to ignore it, like most cats when you buy them something. By day 5 she regularly used it as her daytime nap spot. She is in it right now as I type this, she has found it very relaxing and comfortable. She is 14 and I thought for sure she wouldn’t be into it..I was pleasantly surprised! She is about 14 lbs.

Lotus Branch Cat Shelf
Andrea Stocker

Beautiful piece of furniture, packed well, no damage. It is heavy, which I would expect, but I can not install it on my own. Once it is up, I am sure I will love it and I will much enjoy the cats checking it out.


This is a lovely piece of furniture. It is nice having the cat box out of the way and hidden and it is nice that it blends with the furniture.

Lotus Cat Tower
Andrea Stocker
Love it

It was packed well and the instructions are clear. I was able to put it together alone, which was nice. It is a beautiful piece of furniture and I am getting a lot of compliments on it. My cats are still checking it out.

Lotus Cat Tower
Lanine Fisher
Best Cat Tree I Have Found

The cat tree was packed very well, the instructions to assemble were excellent and all required parts (including a screwdriver) were included. This is a beautiful piece of furniture in addition to being a wonderful cat tree! I appreciate that I can order replacement carpeting for it in the future. I would have given a 5-star rating except that the tree is somewhat wobbly on my tile floors - especially on the top level - and my cat (12 lbs) has fallen off once already. Luckily he wasn't hurt. Despite his fall, he was right back on the top level the very next day. It would be nice if the platform on top was larger or had sides on it and if the whole tree had more stability. Don't get me wrong, I would still buy this tree again tomorrow! Overall I love it and so does my cat.

Amazing customer support

I was frustrated that I had heard that my packages shipped so I sent an email. I received an immediate response (in was in my junk mail) but they also discovered that fed ex was was beyond delayed. There was nothing they could do about that. But what they did do was check with fed ex regularly (because their on line site was down

Lotus Cat Tower
Christine Baske
Our 2nd Lotus-love!

I was thrilled to find the new white option for the lotus tree. I needed to replace the Zen cat platform, in my bedroom, it was an experimental model, and it had it’s issues. Sweetie didn’t like the fur where her other tree has carpet, so I got the grey replacement carpet, and she loves it, and it looks great. I will be recovering the pillow pads in a fabric to go with my room. I’m so glad I got it, she’s already racing up to the top, as if it was always there. I hate to waste the fur pieces, do you want them back? They are pristine, she wouldn’t touch them.

Elegant cat condo

A “friend” came over for lunch once and said of my old carpet style cat tree, “Oh? Did you get a new one? This one is so much better than the last one.” I replied, “I just turned it around.” And then she started backpedaling. But I knew then and there that I couldn’t have a traditional cat tree on the main level of the house. So I searched online and found this cat condo. We bought it on International Cat Day. It was easy to assemble. Only problem was one hole at the bottom of the tower wasn’t drilled correctly and we couldn’t get the foot screw to go in properly. We ended up supergluing something similar to the bottom to make it level. We needed to build it quickly because our cat was upset we got rid of his old house. He didn’t like it for the first few days. I got the gold one with the fluffy white patches on each shelf. I finally figured out that he thought it was a shelf and he was not allowed to climb on it. I ended up finding his old baby kitten blanket and I set him on one fluffy shelf and out his blanket on top and told him this is his new tower. He now sleeps on it. It only took him a few days to adjust. In retrospect, I should have kept the old tower and assembled this one, had it next to it for a few days and then removed the old tower. (Kind of like how we trained the cat for a new litter box) It’s well made. Great item. It looks amazing in our living room. I even sent a photo of it to the “friend” who then said, “Oh, this is so much better.”
I highly recommend it. Worth the money. If I had to change anything, I would have ordered the snack tray platform. But otherwise it’s perfect.

Considering getting another

This piece is well-made and very attractive. It fits almost perfectly with the rest of my furniture. Since we have multiple cats in the house, it was absolutely imperative to find something like this to conceal a large, multi-cat litterbox, and the XL fits our automatic litter box with a bit of room to spare. Right now, this is tucked out of sight in my office, but I wouldn't mind even having it in my living room if the space would work better. I'm even considering getting another one of these to put in another room.

Nice table

Sturdy, typicall great quality I would expect from The Refined Feline, right down to the shipping box. Perfect size for a corner, looks great! Had a little trouble putting it together, may another pair of hands would have been helpful but, once all the screws were tightened it pulled everything together securely. Wish I could get my cat to hangout in the cubby space. I put treats in there to encourage him, but still does not go in on his own. Would purchase again and would recommend!

Lotus Cat Tower
Cindy Jamroz
The Cats Like It!

We do too, it is a good look for the house. It was easy to assemble after you open it and arrange all the parts so you see what you have. They even included a little philips head screwdriver that did the job for this assembly and I was even able to use it when I needed a medium sized screwdriver on another household project. The tower is pretty stable given it’s height.

Lotus Cat Tower
Sharon Sutcliffe
Lotus cat tree replacement

We were excited to receive your well crafted cat tree...only to be disappointed when we opened the box and found the main part of the tree was broken on two curves rendering it unusable! I contacted the company and they requested pictures which I sent and they resolved the issue by sending us a whole new tree! I believe they need to add more support inside the box to prevent damage from occurring during transport. I would also add the following on the outside of the box: "FRAGILE " "Do not stack.

Refined Cat Litter Box Deluxe
Andrew Mata-Leclerc
Very nice to have matching cat trees and furniture that look great

I got the XL and its great. There's even a drawer built in to store my cat's treats and snacks.

Looks good, well constructed. Even has a liner with velcro.

I am new to being a catdadd but I can easily say this organization (Refined Feline) has literally the nicest products in the market.

Beautiful and our cat loves it.

The stylish, beautiful cabinet hides the litterbox nicely. Our Maine coon mix went right in, no hesitation. We don't use the liners, just a litter mat. I put one of those 3M reusable hooks inside to hold the scoop. The drawer holds the box liners, litter odor powder, and charcoal filters.
It's nice, and roomy making it easy to scoop, or completely change the litter. The slot's in the back are easy to slide a filter into. You can buy the one's made for it, but in a pinch the Natures Miracle ones can be trimmed and work fine.
My fiancé put it together easily. You can choose which side to put the opening on. I was a little hesitant because of the price, but it was well worth it.
I am so glad we spent the money. It is a little bit expensive, but worth every penny. We did the Xtra Large, and its fantastic. The espresso is really dark, almost black which is perfect. Its bigger than we needed, but I'm glad it worked out this way.

A-Frame Cat Bed
Heather Wiese
Pretty good quality. Be prepared to use better screws

It wasn't too difficult to put together. I did it myself but having another person to help would've made it a lot easier. The only issue I had was some of the screws not tightening because the screw holes didn't line up. Luckily I had some longer wood screws on hand that worked perfectly. I had to switch out 6 screws. Other than that it's sturdy, not an eye sore, and the cats love it. It's a win win win

Lotus Cat Tower
Jesse Tapia
Elegant and refined indeed

This is a Beautiful piece of furniture. It really adds a nice touch to my living room. Well crafted and easy to assemble. The white really adds elegance.

Lotus Cat Tower
Richardean Cheaves
White Lotus Tower

I've had my eye on the lotus tower for quite some time. I was thrilled to see that it was offered in white for a limited time. I purchased two towers (one for the family room and the other for my little tiger that resides in the master bedroom. I love the design. It actually looks like a work of art and is much more beautiful than your average carpet cat tree. It is such a conversation starter. My cats love the tower, branch and leaf. I'm actually considering to purchase a third for my sunroom. Thanks for offering the choice of white.

Lotus Leaf Cat Shelf
Becka Portonova
currently everyone’s favorite perch

i bought one of these when i ordered replacement mats for my clouds perch & everyone fights over them. i have a cat that won’t come to dinner just so she can take her spot back from another cat. clearly i need to order 23 more.

Metropolitan Cat Condo
Charlotte Jackson
Juju's furniture

I love the shelf/ cat tree!! It arrived quickly all parts no damage. Great!!! It was easy to put together and Juju loves it. It's temporary in my room because she isn't acclimated to the whole house as of yet. Yes, she is spoiled already. Thanks 😊

Great Investment

My Cats love them I ordered 3 Leafs and 2 Branches total. Well made and look great I put everything in the cat/TV room the cats run around the top of the room and enjoy themself then take a snooze in the leaf at each end. Great Investment

Purrrrfect End Table
Michael Bruening
Purrrrfect End Table

Another successful purchase from The Refined Feline. This was fairly easy to put together. The quality is great and looks really nice as usual with this company. Most importantly my cats all love it.


I've had this for almost 4 years now, and it is still great! I love the fact that you can get a replacement liner, as they get a little difficult to clean after time. I just replaced the liner a month ago after having it for 3 1/2/+ years. It was fairly easy to assemble and works wonderfully for an apartment w/o a ton of room for a litter box. area.