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Our Customer Feedback: Best Modern Cat Furniture

We love hearing from The Refined Feline customers who share how our cat furniture has made an impact in their home and their cats’ lives. Have you found the best cat wall shelves, cat bed, litter box furniture, or cat tree for your pet and living space? Share your feedback!

Based on 6101 reviews

This cat tree fits nicely in my home and is not an eyesore as many cat trees are. I am a female living with 4 Maine Coons. Although the tree is sturdy, it rocks for a couple of seconds when they jump to or from the top. I put it together myself. There are many pieces and screws, so keep yourself organized while assembling. It took me a long time to put it together. I had to make sure everything was in the correct place, tight and secure. Maine Coons are long and weighty; my heaviest boy is 24 lbs. The tree accommodates the cats' size and weight.

Overall, it's a beautiful piece of furniture, which my cats enjoy daily. Plus, it's super easy to keep clean.

Lotus Cat Tower
Alison Smith
Sturdy and Stylish

Looks great in our house, was easy to put together, and clearly made of good materials.
One of our cats loves it, the other cat is still a bit cautious.

The only meaningful review would be from my cat who spends about 28 hours a day on the top of the tower. She absolutely loves this cat tree! Non feline input: the white color is lovely, it feels sturdy, and was not too difficult to assemble. It was well packaged and delivery was quick and easy. Very pleased with this purchase!

Great for 99%

Very fast shipping albeit without notification.
Sticky ribbon was not fixed well in all the corners of the pad so i had to recall how to thread a needle and use it then.
The rest is purrrrfect 🙂

So glad we bought this!

We are so grateful this piece exists as we do everything we can to camouflage the litterbox area. This sturdy cabinet is better than we expected. It was easy to build and looks great in our home.

Fantastic product and outstanding service!

I love the cat tower, as do my climbing cats. My 21-year-old also climbs in the cubby sometimes for a sanctuary from the others. I cannot say enough about the service!!! My box (from Amazon) never arrived and they sent me a new one. (The new one was prematurely reported as delivered 😡 and they were arranging to send me yet another one. Not the kind of service One usually gets!!! Highly recommend both company and products.

Great cat tree

Easy to assemble, aesthetically appealing, and the cats love it.

Attractive and functional!

We ordered an XL cabinet in mahogany. It arrived in a timely and well-packaged manner and was not difficult for to assemble- instructions were detailed and complete! I am also thrilled that our hooded litter box fits inside with room to spare so even less litter inside the cabinet than I expected! And the biggest plus is that our two big boy kitties love it!

Purrrrfect End Table
Joanne Arnest
Looks good, but a pain to put together

We really like how this looks by our mid-century modern chair and couch, but it was a pain to put together and the finish is very delicate. The bottom piece got scratched by our floor just putting it together (luckily, you can't see it). It definitely needed a 2nd set of hands for placing the final top piece while holding all the sides together and I can't imagine replacing the two scratch panels...

We'll see how the cats like it. The room we bought it for hasn't been used as much since we put it together last week, so I don't think they've taken much notice yet. It might take a bit for them to learn they can scratch the sides. It does function well as an end table though, and now that it's together seems sturdy and attractive for the price.

Lotus Cat Tower
Joanne Arnest
Cats love it and looks good

We didn't want the standard cat towers with the beige fuzzy carpet - they don't look great and our kitties aren't that enamored with the fabric. Also, most of them are too small with the little square or round perches for our large breed cats. I was able to put this together entirely by myself. A few cat treats to let the cats know this was their space... and they've been using it continuously since. The top curved perch is big enough for them, and they love the shape. The lower perches let them stretch out too, and one of them even uses the den. Our one cat has stopped trying to stretch out on the dining room table now that she has this cat tower in the dining room and can "join" us for meals.

Aesthetically pleasing functional litter cabinet

My XL white cabinet was delivered promptly, in good condition and. packaged well. The assembly instructions are clear and easy to follow. However, the finish leaves something to be desired. The finish is thin and one area of the internal side a little bare and needed to be painted. I felt the need to caulk all interior joints( even with using the interior liner) and sprayed the entire cabinet with a few coats of polyurethane as a precautionary measure in case of accidents and not allow any stains to soak into the wood. Overall this a great product. It is made of real wood and well constructed. This cabinet is large and is accommodating four cats without issues I would recommend or purchase again if necessary.

The cats don't lie, they love them!

We have 11 ft ceilings in the family room where we installed this and two cloud shelves, it was a bit difficult to install due to the height and locating all of the studs but we were able to connect everything from the top of the cat tree.. the cats love it. They can now preside over their minion humans from a more distinguished vantage point. These also look great in the room, which was also important. The mahogany color matched everything else well!

Best thing Ever ... Don't waste your time/$ w anything else

I'm ordering the XL deluxe version now and had to write something ... This is probably my third or fourth one. I don't know if I've written a review yet... But a note about the liner that comes with it. A lot of people are complaining but it's actually a lifesaver ... and if urine gets on it I take it into the bathtub and wash it with vinegar and dry it outside. I've done this so many times. Thanks Refined Feline!!!!

Lotus Leaf Cat Shelf
Clare Dunkle
Excellent product, but installation needs work

We already own three furniture-quality cat shelves made by a company that no longer sells them. The Lotus matches their style, quality, and color very well, so we are happy to have it. However, please refine your installation process, Refined Feline! It was very hard to find the wall studs while holding a shelf up to the wall, and marking the locations to drill the holes was even worse!

The former cat shelf company sent out cardstock templates printed with an exact-size line drawing of each shelf, with holes in it where the heavy wood screws go in. This made installation a snap: hold up the shelf template to the wall, or even tape it up with painter's tape to figure out the locations of several shelves, find the studs (much easier to do through paper than with a chunk of shelf in the way!), mark the holes with a pencil, take the template back down, and drill. We've carefully saved those other shelf templates and used them to put up those shelves everywhere we've moved. For our Refined Feline shelf, we had to make our own! And of course, a cardstock template is a great place to put a little advertising that cat owners see each time they put the shelves up's a win for everyone!

Lotus Leaf Cat Shelf
Brooke Hogrefe
Beautiful and Quality

Love it! Looks wonderful on our kitty wall. Very sturdy.

Perfect for deck!

We'll take it in during the winter, but it's a perfect side table for the deck and the cat loves it. Ran right in and flopped down. Looks great, good aeration to give him a breeze in the hottest days. Love it.

Great product

Needed something to feed the cats on and to keep the bowls away from the dogs that was easy to clean and not horrible looking as it stands in the kitchen / dining room. This was perfect. We have one messy eater and we can just wipe off the mess. This is sturdy - which is important as one of our cats is 15lbs, but also because our German Shepherd tries to jam her body in it to catch the food spray. It doesn't budge. Great product, worth every penny.

Lotus Leaf Cat Shelf
Polina Hristova
Love it but I miss my cat.

This product was such a hit that now my cat lives in the wall only 🤣. She no longer cares to sleep with me and only leaves the wall to go eat or use her litter box. If she wants pets she'll come off only to make sure she's seen and get us to follow her to her leaf. The product was too good hahaha.

She loved it!

I expected her to ignore it, like most cats when you buy them something. By day 5 she regularly used it as her daytime nap spot. She is in it right now as I type this, she has found it very relaxing and comfortable. She is 14 and I thought for sure she wouldn’t be into it..I was pleasantly surprised! She is about 14 lbs.

Lotus Branch Cat Shelf
Andrea Stocker

Beautiful piece of furniture, packed well, no damage. It is heavy, which I would expect, but I can not install it on my own. Once it is up, I am sure I will love it and I will much enjoy the cats checking it out.


This is a lovely piece of furniture. It is nice having the cat box out of the way and hidden and it is nice that it blends with the furniture.

Lotus Cat Tower
Andrea Stocker
Love it

It was packed well and the instructions are clear. I was able to put it together alone, which was nice. It is a beautiful piece of furniture and I am getting a lot of compliments on it. My cats are still checking it out.

Lotus Cat Tower
Lanine Fisher
Best Cat Tree I Have Found

The cat tree was packed very well, the instructions to assemble were excellent and all required parts (including a screwdriver) were included. This is a beautiful piece of furniture in addition to being a wonderful cat tree! I appreciate that I can order replacement carpeting for it in the future. I would have given a 5-star rating except that the tree is somewhat wobbly on my tile floors - especially on the top level - and my cat (12 lbs) has fallen off once already. Luckily he wasn't hurt. Despite his fall, he was right back on the top level the very next day. It would be nice if the platform on top was larger or had sides on it and if the whole tree had more stability. Don't get me wrong, I would still buy this tree again tomorrow! Overall I love it and so does my cat.

Amazing customer support

I was frustrated that I had heard that my packages shipped so I sent an email. I received an immediate response (in was in my junk mail) but they also discovered that fed ex was was beyond delayed. There was nothing they could do about that. But what they did do was check with fed ex regularly (because their on line site was down

Lotus Cat Tower
Christine Baske
Our 2nd Lotus-love!

I was thrilled to find the new white option for the lotus tree. I needed to replace the Zen cat platform, in my bedroom, it was an experimental model, and it had it’s issues. Sweetie didn’t like the fur where her other tree has carpet, so I got the grey replacement carpet, and she loves it, and it looks great. I will be recovering the pillow pads in a fabric to go with my room. I’m so glad I got it, she’s already racing up to the top, as if it was always there. I hate to waste the fur pieces, do you want them back? They are pristine, she wouldn’t touch them.

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