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Our Customer Feedback: Best Modern Cat Furniture

We love hearing from The Refined Feline customers who share how our cat furniture has made an impact in their home and their cats’ lives. Have you found the best cat wall shelves, cat bed, litter box furniture, or cat tree for your pet and living space? Share your feedback!

Based on 6078 reviews

I love this end table! It's perfectly sized ND it's so nice I had to immediately buy new coasters lol and of course my cat loves it

So impressed!

I purchased a cat tree in the past (from a different company) that ended up being rickety and ultimately unusable after a short period of use. So when I started shopping again for a new one, I knew I wanted to invest in a quality product that would last. This is it! I am beyond impressed with this product. Everything came quickly and was well packaged and clearly labeled. The instructions were straightforward and easy to follow. I had no problems assembling it and anchoring it to the wall with the included hardware. My cats took a few days to warm up to it, but now they love it! I especially appreciate that it looks like an attractive piece of furniture rather than an eyesore.

It is like a beautiful piece of furniture, which has a great function too!

I love the cat scratcher!
It has taken time for me to let the cats know that they can scratch on this . Although the top is quite narrow, my cats have managed to sit on top of it, and tested the sturdiness!
The quality is fantastic. This is now my 4th piece of Refined Feline items, and I just love them all!

Lotus Leaf Cat Shelf

My cats love their new sturdy shelf! I was hesitant at first because of the cost. But after looking at all kinds of shelves over a few months for my 4 cats. I kept coming back to Refined Feline. I'm very happy with my choice!

We Love The Lotus Cat Tower

The Lotus Cat Tower is loved by all three kitties! Sage is a large cat and needed the extra support that this Product provided. Would highly recommend!

is also designed well and no more sweeping up carpet scraps.

ts who all love scratching posts. I got really tired of sweepingup carpet scraps everyday

Stinky gone

I have two cats and l9ve how this hides the litter box and the smell

Beautiful tower

After going through other carpet like towers this thing is A+ !! Beautifully made and sturdy! I love the way it looks and my cats love it also. Deff recommend to everyone !

Beautiful Design

I really love this scratcher! I wanted something that wasn’t obviously a cat scratcher that would blend in perfectly with my home decor, and this was perfect! It’s so beautiful and elegant . Even my cats didn’t realize it was for scratching 😂

The cats, little felines love it!

The cats, little felines love it! They climb it. They play on it. They sleep on it! Beautiful item that fits in my decor and doesn’t look just like cat furniture.
Thank you!!!!


Beautiful shelves. I liked the leaf so much, I ordered the branch (which is very heavy.) Well made, super sturdy, easy to mount (branch requires two people.) Holes to install are spaced to be able to drill into wall studs.
Love that the material can be removed to clean! I would like to see an option of a cozier mat for the darker shelf, similar to the fur for the white shelf. I did put a small blanket (folded up) on the shelf. Now my cat will sleep there at night. Highly recommend!

This product is great!

I am so glad I purchased this litter box cabinet. We are able to house our cat's litter box right in our family room, so our kitty doesn't have to go far to do her business. It completely blends in with our furniture and since we have the opening facing away from the primary view, no one knows what is inside! The cabinet looks fantastic! I don't keep essentials in the drawer, because you do have to open the cabinet if you want anything in it, but realistically that isn't much different from having to open any cabinet. I don't have a problem with the corrugated plastic insert, because, c'mon folks, this is a litter box station, I find that if I just wiggle the insert a bit, it slides out just fine, and far enough for me to 1) access the litter box to remove the day's "work" and 2) lift it out and carry it elsewhere to empty it completely. And I'm glad the insert is there, because it catches most of the litter. If it were a drawer instead, the litter would have to be vacuumed out anyway, because let's face it, cats are not neat. I can easily tip the insert, which is super light, to empty whatever is in there into the actual litter box before emptying, and then it's just the bottom of the cabinet that has to be swept or vacuumed occasionally. This is a well designed cabinet and we love it!

100% Recommend!!!!

I have 2 of the litter box cabinets. It’s a game changer. I have really large stainless steel litter boxes & they fit perfectly in the large cabinet. Super easy to put together and I love the diversity of picking an entry side. Great quality for the price. Very sturdy and well made. Cats have not damaged with their claws at all. 100% recommended to anyone with a cat!!

Took a while but the cats now love this cat scratcher

I don't think my cats understood what this was.. at first. But a little catnip and rubbing their paws on this tall cat scratcher got them into it. Now they wont leave it alone! I really like the design and fact that it's taller than many scratching posts out there

Cat lowes it

It's very good cat tree, it's modern and sturdy, one of my cats claimed this tree as his headquarters and it's just perfect tree for bengals


I read reviews so maybe was just expecting more. First off the cushion is paper thin and even when when tied to the bed it slides all over when cat attempted to go in the bed. The thing is wobbly and I tried tightening the bolt and legs.


Looks amazing, one cat loves it so far . Hope rest will too.

My cats love it

I purchased for my 3 year old cat who needed a place to and get away from the other animals in the house. I made a cushion for the top and placed it on a wall in our living room so he could still be apart of the family but get away if he wanted. He really loves it.


Product was very sturdy & nice unfortunately it was too long for where I wanted to place it. I had to return for another cat cloud shelf just waiting for it to be in stock. The customer service through email & phone was great responded quickly and kept me informed of each step.
Thanks Michelle.

Great for our Mid-Century Modern Living Space

We had a traditional tower for our adopted girl, and she loved it. However, she broke it after just a few weeks. I could not believe the quality when this tower arrived. it is beautiful and suits our decor perfectly. Our girl took some time adjusting, but she naps on it daily now. Great find!


I love the way it looks and it’s easy to clean up on the inside. Just wish it didn'tcost so much.


I just bought my 2nd Lotus Cat tower for another room to replace a ratty old carpet tower. My cats love it and we like looking at it. It’s a lovely piece of furniture!
It came double boxed and in great shape. Good instructions and not hard to put together myself. Glad that the plugs are tacky and should stay in place better.

Love it, ordered more

It’s so sturdy and nice and big! I promptly ordered a 2nd one! I am very happy with the quality and my cat loves it too.

Cats love it

I got the branch because my cats would fight over who got to be on the leaf shelf. They love it and have room to sit/lay without fighting. Our studs are wider than is standard but we just drilled and put the screw where our studs are and I used a sharpie to cover the predrilled holes we didn’t use. It’s barely noticeable on the espresso branch.

Beautiful Piece of Cat Furniture!

My cats love this! The shelves are beautiful 😍