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Our Customer Feedback: Best Modern Cat Furniture

We love hearing from The Refined Feline customers who share how our cat furniture has made an impact in their home and their cats’ lives. Have you found the best cat wall shelves, cat bed, litter box furniture, or cat tree for your pet and living space? Share your feedback!

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Lotus Cat Tower
Jesse Tapia
Elegant and refined indeed

This is a Beautiful piece of furniture. It really adds a nice touch to my living room. Well crafted and easy to assemble. The white really adds elegance.

Lotus Cat Tower
Richardean Cheaves
White Lotus Tower

I've had my eye on the lotus tower for quite some time. I was thrilled to see that it was offered in white for a limited time. I purchased two towers (one for the family room and the other for my little tiger that resides in the master bedroom. I love the design. It actually looks like a work of art and is much more beautiful than your average carpet cat tree. It is such a conversation starter. My cats love the tower, branch and leaf. I'm actually considering to purchase a third for my sunroom. Thanks for offering the choice of white.

Lotus Leaf Cat Shelf
Becka Portonova
currently everyone’s favorite perch

i bought one of these when i ordered replacement mats for my clouds perch & everyone fights over them. i have a cat that won’t come to dinner just so she can take her spot back from another cat. clearly i need to order 23 more.

Metropolitan Cat Condo
Charlotte Jackson
Juju's furniture

I love the shelf/ cat tree!! It arrived quickly all parts no damage. Great!!! It was easy to put together and Juju loves it. It's temporary in my room because she isn't acclimated to the whole house as of yet. Yes, she is spoiled already. Thanks 😊

Great Investment

My Cats love them I ordered 3 Leafs and 2 Branches total. Well made and look great I put everything in the cat/TV room the cats run around the top of the room and enjoy themself then take a snooze in the leaf at each end. Great Investment

Purrrrfect End Table
Michael Bruening
Purrrrfect End Table

Another successful purchase from The Refined Feline. This was fairly easy to put together. The quality is great and looks really nice as usual with this company. Most importantly my cats all love it.


I've had this for almost 4 years now, and it is still great! I love the fact that you can get a replacement liner, as they get a little difficult to clean after time. I just replaced the liner a month ago after having it for 3 1/2/+ years. It was fairly easy to assemble and works wonderfully for an apartment w/o a ton of room for a litter box. area.

My cats Love it!

Well made and very sturdy. I have four of these cat shelves and my cats love playing and hanging out on them!

Purrrrfect End Table
Laura Medley
Looks beautiful!

I'm kind of in love with this end table. I mean, it's stylish and beautiful and very well made. My cats however have not fallen in love with it. They are so used to my screaming not to scratch the dining table chairs that they haven't even THOUGHT of using the scratch panels on this, which tbf is fine by me because its so pretty, I don't want them ruined. They have ventured into the bed area, but haven't yet committed to actually using it (even with a generous dose of catnip inside, but all things in good time. I love it! They can love it! hopefully one day they will love it! So all in all Im super glad I bought it.


I literally ordered this and it was delivered within 24HRS. Easy to assemble & my cat is getting used to! Thank you so much.

Lotus Cat Tower
Gail Jamison
Not like they used to be

Unhappy with my second purchase of a lotus cat tower. My first tower, purchased three years ago is a quality product! I purchased a second lotus cat tower for the living room of my new home. It isn’t nearly as nice and the quality just isn’t there. There is chipped paint. The carpeting is frayed at the corners and needs to be replaced. There are gaps between the top piece and the support.
I contacted Refined Feline and made them aware of the issues. I asked for touch-up paint, some wooden plugs (a few were missing and one was broken). I requested another set of carpet pads, since mine were frayed. I was sent a touch-up marker and nothing more. I think a product of this price should be made well and customer support could do a better job. A few bad reviews can end up costing more in the long run . . .

Excellent quality and the cats love it.

I am so glad to have found this litter cabinet. I have tried numerous others and they were cheap plastic and parts would break. This x-large cabinet is big enough for my Maine Coons to use and easy to clean the litter box with the slide out insert. It took me a while to assemble it because there are a lot of parts to put together but it was not hard. I am 78 and if I can put it together then you can too. Looking forward to getting another one.

Metropolitan Cat Condo
Heather Rutkes
Cats playground

My two cats love this tower. It took a while for them to get adjusted to as with anything. Now they both loving hanging out, eating their treats and dinner on it.

This is a high quality and sturdy tower that looks wonderful in the home. The only thing I would like to see improved is the cushions. I feel for the cost they should be a better.

Lotus Cat Tower
Cecilia Galley
Cat lotus tower

We were more excited than the kittens. We were disappointed that the white version didn’t include a scratching part the curve shaped of it offers a great scratching/stretching opportunity. Not sure why it wouldn’t be included. We would love to be able to have that. We also would have preferred the cushions than the fake fur ......

As shown in the photos and noted in the description, the Lotus Cat Tower in White does not include the sisal scratcher pad. The cost to produce the faux fur is higher than the cost of the standard carpet and cushions and we wanted to keep the retail price of the white version low for customers. However, we are looking to offer a white sisal scratchpad in the future as an add-on.

Great cat tree

Love this cat tree! Looks beautiful, cats love it and easy to keep clean (cushions)

Metropolitan Cat Condo
Ashley Lindsey
They love it! Appealing and super easy to keep clean.

I decided to buy this tree after a newly adopted kitten brought Giardia into my home! Both kitties were sick-- Giardia is super contagious and easily reinfects, so I had to keep my apartment SO clean! That meant both of their carpet-style cat trees had to be washed and soaked in soap and peroxide and sun-dried on the balcony which was a HUGE pain in the rainy PNW. I had been looking at this tree for a while just because of it's visual appeal but the detachable/washable/replaceable platform pillows and scratchers absolutely sold me. It's SO easy to keep clean! It looks great and they LOVE it up against my floor-to-ceiling window because the design is so open. So much bird-watching!

Assembly was super easy-- and I even have some advice-- If your pieces seem to be fitting together wonky/crooked once it's started coming together, I recommend going back through all the way to the bottom and loosening SLIGHTLY and re-tightening your screws; It allows all of the pieces to fall into place via gravity! The feet on the bottom can also be loosened/tightened if you're still experiencing a little bit of wobbliness (nothing is perfect, after all) to even everything out. That done, it stands very sturdy and I personally have had no reason to secure it to the wall, even with a 15 pound cat jumping onto it-- It hasn't budged.

I would LOVE to see more platform styles/options! It'd be lovely to have something with raised edges for kitties who like to be slightly enclosed either as a whole platform or as a plushy platform attachment.

Also regarding the platforms-- The holes are excellent if, like me, you have a drawer of mouse-on-a-string-on-a-stick toys where the string has come detached from the stick-- Using it just like the hanging toy offered on The Refined Feline site.

I honestly can't say enough good things about this cat tree and the site; I really appreciated that there was a 60-day return policy because cats can absolutely be fickle. I'd be really reluctant to make a purchase of this size without it-- I kept my boxes around for a couple days just in case, but there was really no need as the kitties absolutely love the tree! I've kept the site bookmarked because I'm looking forward to what they make in the future.

so far no luck

I can't get any of my three cats to use this scratcher. They're plenty happy to scratch the furniture, but they ignore this thing. Anyone have a suggestion?

Hi David, have you tried rubbing cat nip on it?

Lotus Cat Tower

My cats love it, the fight for the top part lol. Definitely recommend it. Customer service is great.

A-Frame Cat Bed
Maria Zicaro
Great Buy!

Love this item! It’s a side table, a cat scratcher and a cat bed all in one! Sturdy and attractive - highly recommend this. There are a lot of screws but it’s not difficult to assemble and once done you won’t regret it!

Lotus Branch Cat Shelf
Elizabeth Glenn
Great product

Love this shelf! Very sturdy and looks great. I wish this came facing left or right because I would buy more of these.

My cats love it!

High quality furniture. Very nice!!


Love this table, have it sitting between the chair and my cat tree. These products are amazing, a great investment, the table is so nice and functional. I have had my cat tower for a couple of years and getting ready to put new pads on, best money spent and I do not have to worry about carpet pieces to sweep up like other cat furniture or replace every year..Great products,,,I have the espresso color, is a dark rich brown...


This litter box is a great addition to your living room my cat loves it no one knows its a litter box great product

Cat Cloud - a favorite!

Our Russian Blue cat absolutely loves her clouds!!! I wish I could add a photo!! It was easy to mount and is sturdy!!

Great shelf for our small kitty!

Our young Siamese cat enjoys being in the same room as us at all times, and our office lacked any furniture that she could specifically enjoy her time on. The Lotus Leaf Cat Shelf was a perfect solution for us, because it floats on the wall and doesn't require space on the floor, which is perfect for what we needed. As for the shelf itself, it's so incredibly sturdy and hooks into the wall nicely. We did have to buy wall anchors separately because we didn't have any studs to link into the wall with under the window with the space we had, but that was easy enough. As for Lili's enjoyment of the shelf, I do think she enjoyed it. She's a smaller cat and she isn't comfortable sprawling out on it yet, but she got cozy and took a nap on it. I would like the option for more fluffy or plush velcro pads for the top of the shelf. We ordered the espresso coloring, which only comes with a brown mat. It would be nice to have a mid-tier option between the super fluffy faux fur option and the carpeted mat. But that's small stuff, it's a great shelf! Highly recommend it.