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Obsessed with this litter box!

I have owned the other brand of self-cleaning litter boxes for many years. However, after watching the video of this one, I decided to buy one. I love that it’s so much smaller than the other brand, and my cats. Love it as well. The app works great and lets me make sure both cats are healthy. I know that if one of them makes frequent trips to the litter box it’s probably time for a trip to the vet. It was very easy to set up. Being retired, I really like the fact that I don’t have to bend all the way down to the ground and pull out a drawer because to change this one it’s on the top. Super easy to change and I did just pick up the 4 gallon little trash bags and I use those but you could also use grocery store plastic bags if you wanted to do so. I had it for less than a week and decided I was going to replace the other brand and so I ordered a second one and I can’t wait for it to get here love that it’s smaller and I love how quiet it is! The only thing I have to do is because when you open the top to change out the litter bag, I have to pull it out some because once you open that lid it is higher.

We Love It!

My cats took to it right away. I didn’t even get the top on and aligned before my oldest grey kitty Charlie climbed in. Sometimes they take turns sleeping/lounging in it , other times they sleep together in it. I believe they are just as pleased as I am about it. The only complaint I have is that it is not espresso – it is black. I know espresso is nearly black but I do know it is black because my other two products I’ve bought from RF are espresso and you can see the brownish tone. Other than that it is perfect.

Greatest Litter Box

Works like a charm. Lets me know cat’s weight and how regular or irregular he goes to the restroom. Let’s me monitor him to see if something is wrong. No more scooping. Best cat box ever.

I wouldn’t know it’s still in the box

Cat Scratch Fever

This table replaced an unsightly cat scratching pole and looks 100 times better but still provides a scratching surface for the cat so he doesn’t scratch the sofa. Love it!

Lotus Cat Tower
Anne Terry
Easy to assemble

As a senior woman with no particular skills or strength, I can testify that I had no problem putting this together in less than two hours. Good design, instructions, packaging, and parts quality.

The cats enjoy it, whether they’re romping or sleeping.

Kitty Ball Cat Bed
Fayla Breaux
Mr. Jingles

My male cat Mr. Jingles loves, loves his new cat ball bed he took to it rite away he likes to hide in sheltered areas of the house he really feels safe and at home in his cat ball bed!! Thanks Refined Feline

saved the day

i rarely write reviews but after the disastrous mess i’ve been dealing with- cat litter spewed all over the floor and my dog crunching on poop balls (sorry), i’m compelled to write how much this product has legit changed my experience with cats, and i’m SO grateful. it does exactly what it’s supposed to, and the inner lining of the bottom part is critical. my dog can’t get involved and my cats love it. 5 stars. happy customer.

Finally an automatic solution that all my cats love!

It took a little time to acclimate all of my cats (I have 4) to the idea of an automatic litter box, and I started with another brand that simply didn’t cut it. Ultimately, my big kitty couldn’t fit in the old one and they all had to jump in and out of it, making a huge mess… and don’t even get me started on the waste drawer… BUT THIS! Finally, something that works for bigger cats, and all 4 of my cats feel confident going to the potty in it. My smallest cat is 7 lbs and my biggest is 14.5 lbs and they all fit comfortably in the unit (thanks to the tall opening)

I love how it tracks the weight, usage time, and frequency of each cat and categorizes it for me by cat when I log onto the app! I’ve learned one of the girls just has a party in there for 3-4 minutes each time, probably pawing at the walls. But the beauty is, this unit is SO QUIET! I didn’t see that advertised anywhere but it is a huge plus for me, because I have the unit in a pretty high-traffic area of my home between the living and dining room. There’s no smell, less litter tracking around, and with how petit the unit is, you almost forget it’s there.

Bending down and lifting heavy objects can be a challenge for me with a back injury, so I LOVE the top-side waste lift! Nothing gets “left behind” like in bottom drawer units, and even if there’s a smudge here or there on the plastic, it’s easy to clean up. We just use leftover grocery bags as the bin liners, so I’m glad they’re not trying to upsell us on those either.

This is the best solution I’ve found to the litter battle, and I’m recommending this unit to all of my cat friends! Cute, quiet, easy to use, easy to clean, thoughtful design… couldn’t ask for anything more! Definitely worth a try if you’re considering an auto litter box solution.

Lotus Cat Tower

This tower has been well thought out and is the key to making the other pieces of furniture work seamlessly for a cats.

Perfect addition

This piece is only second to the tower for being a functional place for multiple cats to be together as they relax from their high place.

Nice piece of furniture

Very nice piece of furniture and it looks nice with plenty of surface area.


My cats favorite place to hang out. !!

A must have for any feline home

Best instructions I think I ever ever come across. Went together smoothly and I’m extremely happy with my purchase. All 3 of my cats immediately used it without any issues. Beautiful piece of useful furniture!

Lotus Cat Tower
Jamie Woodson
Murphy’s Tower

Murphy loves to jump and be up high so this lotus cat tower is perfect for my feline.He loves this tower with different levels,scratching post and are for him to hide in!!!

Beautiful and Useful Scratcher

Our one year old cat was very curious about it right away. He uses it every day. Been reinforcing his good scratching behavior with treats. Have not had to use catnip to get him interested in it. Looks great in our family room too…win-win for both of us!

Best damn cat scratcher!!

I’ve been meaning to write this a while ago.the calypso cat scratcher I bought like 4 years ago.and to this day it is the go to cat scratcher for my cat!only cat scratcher I own,and my cat goes right to it,doesn’t scratch any furniture,ever!at first he didn’t take to it,it took him about 3 weeks before he did.but ever since,it’s been the go to cat scratcher!and one other quality is it doesn’t look like an ugly cat scratcher,it looks like’s worth every penny.this should last for more years to looks like the day I bought it!

Perfect Spacious Clean Litter Box

This litter box is 100% what I needed. My cat acclimated to it right away with no issues and I was able to use the same litter that he was used to. What I like the most is it is more spacious than other automated litter boxes I’ve seen making it easier to clean. The waste basket is also so much easier to access. Great litter box!

Big enough for a Maine Coon

I was looking for a litter cabinet large enough to hold an extra large box and tall enough for my Maine Coon to fit. This cabinet works perfectly and looks more like a nice piece of furniture than a litter box. We also love the black liner that allows us to slide the box out to scoop instead of having to bend in an awkward position to lift it out. That feature really saves the back. We love this litter cabinet. Worth every penny.

My 3 cats love this except for my Main Coon

Each of my cats took to this litter box right away. Only my big boy Samson, my Main Coon, had a tough time getting comfortable. As long as your cats aren’t abnormally large, I’m sure this litter box will be great for them.

Perfect for my older cat

We have two different litter robots, this one and an iRobot and while they are both LIFE-SAVERS, this one from Refined Feline is the perfect size and height for my older (3-legged) cat to climb in and out of easily. She took to it immediately. For the price, I could have gotten two of these for the price of our big bulky iRobot. Highly Recommend!

Lotus Cat Tower
Jim Strider
Wobbly perch and defective part

I purchased this product through Chewy, but the Chewy website review page seems to be out of order.

One of the support struts (part 9, one of two) for the horizontal panel could not be fastened with the included bolts. It might have been sent stripped out or incorrectly manufactured. Mistakes happen, right?
Well, the return instructions are remarkably demanding and the return is at the buyer’s expense. Also, the customer service number goes straight to voicemail. This is not appropriate for a product that is priced as a premium unit.
The cats don’t like the top perch because the flex in the main wood strut makes it too wobbly. The bolts are tight and the dowels are in place. The problem is the natural flexion of the wood.
Save yourself some frustration. Buy the less expensive Go Petclub products and replace them periodically.
Edit: In response to my review, The Refined Feline contacted me and provided a replacement for the defective part. Star rating adjusted from 1 to 4. Not 5, since the main wood strut still has flexion that the cats find off-putting and the official return instructions remain prohibitively demanding. Future owners might want to consider that writing a negative review is an easier way to get a replacement for a defective part than following the official instructions.

Lotus Cat Tower
Nice but

They hate it and won’t go near it …

Good scratcher, but probably not worth the money

It looks nice, but I would say not worth the money. My cats don’t love it, even with catnip rubbed and sprayed on it. I’d just stick to the cheaper ones from now on.

Love Love this auto litter box

I was thinking about buying a more expensive auto litter box but figured I’d try this since they have a 60 day return policy. This has been such a time saver! And well worth the money. Love the app, and the camera is cool because sometimes I’m not sure if my cats are doing their business or just exploring when I hear the litter box go. Not that this is very loud at all. I’m really pleased.

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