Cat Litter Box Products

Avoid the eyesores of an exposed cat litter pan with our functional hidden litter box furniture. Your cat will thank you later! Our decorative wooden litter box cabinet and litter catch come in a variety of matching colors and styles made to blend with your decor.

Keep the litter box eyesore… out of site

While having an indoor cat is an absolute delight, dealing with the necessary cat litter box maintenance is not. Litter pans are smelly, messy, and unpleasant. Above all, cats have a tendency to kick litter right out of the box! In addition, an exposed litter pan is an eyesore, taking away from the beautiful interior design of your home.

We understand the difficulty in keeping your home tidy when your little feline likes to make a mess. However, we also know the importance of having a litter box that blends in with your home décor. With cat litter box furniture from The Refined Feline, these problems are solved with ease.

Stylish Enclosed Cat Litter Box Furniture

High-quality materials: The Refined Cat Litter Box Deluxe is constructed of solid pine and ply with a beautiful oak veneer. However, many other litter box enclosures are made from cheap odor and water-absorbing materials. Our cat litter box enclosure actually repels water.

Beautiful Cat Furniture: This litter box cabinet can elegantly blend in with the aesthetic of your home, no matter if it's modern or traditional. In other words, guests won’t even know this beautiful cabinet has a hidden litter box inside.

Customizable cat furniture: With two sizes, these cat litter box cabinets can hold standard size, jumbo, and even electric litter boxes. In addition, you can choose from multiple door panel styles, feet styles, and colors. Whatever the color of your furniture, we have cat furniture to match it.

Hidden Cat Litter Box Features

The Refined Litter Box Deluxe features unique reversible walls for left or right entry, giving you the flexibility of placing this litter box cabinet anywhere. Rear slots provide ventilation to the litter box enclosure and can accommodate any universal carbon odor filter. A useful top storage drawer holds your cat litter box supplies out of sight as well as conveniently located. The internal plastic litter liners are exclusive to the Refined Cat Litter Box Deluxe. These replaceable liners help contain stray litter that gets kicked out of the pan while your cat tries to cover its tracks. Our hidden litter box cabinets offer an elegant solution to the exposed and unsightly litter pan.

Keep Cat Litter from Tracking with a Litter Catch

As a cat lover, you know cats can carry cat litter with them as they leave the litter box. With the external Litter Catch, any litter stuck on your cat's paws will fall through the catch's grates. The Litter Catch will collect it for easy disposal or you can pour it back into the litter box.

How to Train a Cat to Use the Litter Box Furniture

You won't have to do much at all to get your cat used to its new litter box furniture. Any time you make changes to a cat's litter box, it's important to do it slowly and gradually. So, you may want to start by putting this litter box enclosure where your cat's litter box usually is. Then, slowly move it to the desired location.

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