Modern Cat Trees, Towers & Condos

Find a modern cat tree or cat condo that your cat will love to lounge on. Our thoughtfully designed cat towers are expertly crafted in bent acrylic, beautiful wood, or metal to complement your home’s décor.

Why We Design Cat Towers

It comes as no surprise cats like being high-up. In fact, the higher up they are, the happier they seem to be. Tall modern cat trees provide your cats with feelings of safety and confidence in their surroundings. When cats feel at ease, they’ll be able to relax, play, and practice their climbing skills. Providing your frisky feline with a cat condo not only entertains them, but it saves your furniture from being climbed on and clawed in the process!

The Refined Feline creates modern cat trees and cat tree houses that go above and beyond! We recognize the need for cat furniture that is not only useful, but modern, luxurious, and complementary to your décor. Our cat towers are not your typical run-of-the-mill climbing devices. They are so much more.

Your cat deserves the best. Why buy a cat tower that will get ripped apart and shamefully hidden away? You can provide your cat with truly unique cat furniture that will also look beautiful in your home. Keep your cats happy, entertained, and cozy with a cat tower that is not only functional but also a work of art.

Modern Cat Tree Designs

High-Quality Cat Furniture: Our cat trees and towers are made from only the best materials. Ranging from expertly bent acrylic to faux fur fabric and beautiful oak veneer, our products are a step above the average carpeted cat tree.

Unique cat furniture: Whether you prefer a wooden cat tree or a cat bookshelf, our designs are sleek, creative, and able to fit in with any style of home décor.

Cat Furniture that matches your decor: With multiple styles and finishes to choose from, you'll find the perfect cat tower to fit you and your cat’s needs. The Lotus Cat Tower comes in multiple wood finishes that will blend in with the decor of any home.

Features of our Wooden Cat Trees & Cat Condos

All of our faux fur and berber carpeting attaches to the platforms of the cat trees with Velcro-like backing so it is easily removable, washable, or replaceable. Floor levelers underneath the cat tower, as well as a support bar, provide extra safety and stability for even the largest cats to play on, Multiple levels for climbing, perching, and playing make this a perfect large cat tower for extra floofy cats.

Customize our cat furniture to match your decor. Mix and match the frame and platform colors of the Metropolitan Cat Condo. Scratching pad and secluded dens offer both functionality and privacy.

Pair your Cat Tree with Matching Cat Wall Shelves

Cats can get bored if they are not stimulated by their environment. Try placing your cat tower alongside matching floating cat shelves such as the Lotus Branch Cat Shelf. This will provide your cat with an extra platform to climb and perch on. You can even combine multiple cat wall shelves to create a unique environment for your fur baby to enjoy.

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