Cat Beds: Wicker, Elevated, Raised & More

Bring modern sensibility into your home with cat beds that don’t just look fancy or ornamental, but fit your space beautifully. Your cat will find comfort in a bed crafted from quality woods and scratch-proof faux wicker/rattan, and designed for durability.

Modern cat beds that are comfortable for them and stylish for you

Cat furniture from The Refined Feline is unique, stylish, and offers you a chic alternative to the simple pillow type bed. You won’t find these in any old pet store. Not only will your kitten be warm and comfy, but your home will be decorated with an exceptional piece of cat furniture. We understand that cat furniture should not only be functional but also an expression of who you are. That is why our luxury cat beds are designed for you just as much as they are for them.

Unique Cat Beds in Wood and Wicker Material

High-quality cat beds: Our beds are crafted from quality wood, wood substrates, and hand-woven faux rattan/wicker for extra durability and longevity.
Unique cat beds: Whatever your style of decorating or color scheme, we have a cat bed that will fit right in! Whether you want one that doubles as an end table or nightstand, we have a cat bed that is purrrrfect for you.
Cat beds in multiple colors: Not only do our beds come in unique designs, but there are multiple color options. You can truly suit your taste while adding to your décor.

Innovative Features of our Cat Beds

Your cat can cuddle up, hone its claws on a scratch-friendly surface, or just lounge around in our beds.
Beds like the Purrrrfect End Table can also be used as an end-table or night-stand, providing you with an extra top surface.
The height of our raised cat beds will allow your kitty to feel safe and secure.
Extra plush cushions provide the ultimate comfortable experience.
All of our cat bed cushions and scratchable surface areas can either be machined washed or replaced with ease.

Why We Design Cat Beds
Cats spend the majority of their lives sleeping. It's no wonder that they're picky about where they sleep. As they should be! At The Refined Feline, we make cat beds that you and your cat will love no matter how finicky they are. Want a raised cat bed? You've got it! Want a heated cat bed? Just place our ventilated A-Frame Cat Bed over an air vent to heat it or cool it along with your home. We wanted to design one-of-a-kind cat beds that will last all nine lives and we've done just that. If cushions get dirty or scratchpads get worn out you can always buy a replacement from us.
The Best Cat Beds
The Refined Feline cat beds are more than just luscious lairs for your fur babies. They are durable, multi-functional, and beautifully designed. The various color options also provide you with choices to match your décor and decorate your home with ease. Don’t just settle for something simple When looking for the best cat bed. Step up your decorating game and get a cat bed that is so much more.

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