Cat Carriers & Strollers

Cat carriers have evolved into a juncture of style, comfort, and security through unique innovations like cat backpacks, soft carry bags, and cat strollers. No matter how you and your feline travel, these cat travel bags and strollers provide safe, spacious compartments where cats can rest and generous windows for fresh air and a view.

Traveling With Your Cat in Style

Whether taking a quick trip to the vet’s office, an extended vacation, or a walk down the block, a dependable and durable cat carrier or cat stroller is a must-have accessory. But gone are the days of being limited to clunky plastic cat carriers. Because cats are creatures of style and elegance, they should travel that way, too. Fashionable cat backpacks and cat tote bags provide the pleasing aesthetic your jet-setting feline deserves. Cat strollers also provide cats with a stylish ride that’s both cozy and secure.

What Details Make the Best Cat Carriers

The best cat carriers offer cats enough room to stand up, turn around, and lie down comfortably. The Fynn Pet Travel Bag line provides more than enough space while delivering security and peace of mind, two more important details to consider when choosing a travel solution. Cat travel bags should be designed with secure zippers or latches that won’t pop open when in transit. Consider choices with ventilated windows for good airflow, but bear in mind that some privacy affords cats a chance to destress when traveling gets to be a little too much. Choose carefully when it comes to materials. Soft-sided cat travel bags made with canvas, nylon, and PU leather hold up well through repeated use and boast easy cleaning. But which cat backpack or pet travel bag will be the ideal choice for your darling feline?

Going the Distance with the Right Cat Travel Bag

When choosing the right cat travel bag for your kitty, consider the length of your usual trips. Do you take short road trips, or will you need an airline-approved cat carrier for extended travel? Backpack styles, like the Fynn Pet Travel Bag Backpack, offer an excellent choice for those quick jaunts, while other shape and style options, like the Shoulder Strap bag or the Hand Carry style, give cats a comfortable space for long car trips or flights. For trips that require you to carry luggage, look for cat-carrying bags with a trolley sleeve design that allows you to go hands-free by simply slipping the carrier over a luggage handle.

But Don’t Forget Cat Strollers

What feline superstar doesn’t need a stroller? Your cat will love rolling down the street in style in their very own cat stroller. Great for walks, hikes, or any outdoor excursions your kitty enjoys, cat strollers are a purrfect way for them to enjoy the view in a secure spot. Plus, pushing the fur baby in a wheeled pet travel option means no carrying strain for shoulders, backs, or hands.

For Those Who Value Fashion and Function in Cat Travel Bags

We believe life with pets can be both stylish and practical. That’s why we offer cat accessories that bring aesthetic pleasure to cat parents and optimal comfort to cats. Our pet travel options resemble classic fashion styles and keep to neutral colors to appease all palates. But just because these carriers and strollers look amazing doesn’t mean they don’t stand up to use. Durable fabrics and quality-made hardware are a must for standing up to messes, cat claws, and general wear and tear.

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