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Lotus Cat Tower


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Sophisticated and sleek, the Lotus Cat Tower combines contemporary, simple beauty with a cat’s instinct to climb, play, and relax. Enjoy the symmetry and flow of this “flowering” modern cat tower while your cat enjoys its height and comfort. Feline efficiency meets modern decor in this eye-catching cat condo. This large cat tower is ideal for both single and multi-cat households.

Limited Release in White! The platforms of the Lotus Cat Tower in White are covered in Faux Fur and it does not include a sisal scratchpad.


Features of this modern cat tower:

  • Wooden cat tree crafted in ply with an oak veneer for extra strength
  • Floor levelers and support bar provided for added stability
  • This cat tower includes a scratching pad and secluded den
  • Comfortable berber carpet lines the platforms of this modern cat tower or faux fur if the white color is chosen
  • Carpet or faux fur is attached with hook and loop strips and can be easily removed and cleaned or replaced
  • Assembly of this cat tower is required and takes about an hour. All of the required tools are included

Overall size: 20″ w x 20″ d x 69″ h Assembled
Middle platforms: 8″ x 23″
Top platform: 20″ x 24″
Bottom cubby: 14″ w x 16″ d x 13″ h

Does this cat tower require assembly?

Yes, each piece of this wooden cat tower comes carefully wrapped and securely packaged along with instructions for assembly. If you need additional help assembling the Lotus Cat Tower, view the assembly video. Assembly should take around an hour to complete and all of the needed hardware and tools are included.

How many pounds will each platform of this cat tower support?

Each platform of this sturdy wooden cat tower should support at least 30 lbs.

How can I clean this modern cat tree?

The carpeting can be removed for cleaning as it is attached with hook and look strips. It can be spot cleaned or replaced but do not place it in the washing machine. The wood can be wiped down with soap and water or pet-friendly cleaning spray.

How can I get my cats to use their new cat tower?

If your cats don't notice their new cat tower at first, you can put some catnip on it and then place your cats onto the platforms. You can also place treats on it to lure them over. Cats will love to perch on the top of this cat tree especially if it's placed near a window. It can also be paired with cat wall shelves to give your cats more room to play without giving up floor space.

Is the carpeting on this cat tree replaceable?

Yes, we do offer replacement carpeting.

Is this cat tower sturdy enough for multiple cats?

Yes, this sturdy wooden cat tree was designed to support multiple cats. The multiple platforms can withstand all kinds of feline fun and each cat can have their own platform or take a catnap in the secluded den. It is a great cat tower for large cats as well due to it's sturdy wooden platforms and added support bar.

Can the sisal scratchpad be replaced?

Yes, we do offer a replacement sisal scratcher. Wearable parts on any of our cat furniture products are always replaceable.

What is the weight of this large cat tower?

This wooden cat tree weighs 72 lbs.

Where should I put this modern cat tower?

It is best to put this cat tower wherever your cats like to hang out! Usually, that is near a window or wherever their humans like to spend time. We also recommend pairing this cat tree with some cat shelves for your cat to jump up to. This combination of cat furniture will create the ultimate cat room.

What do I do if my cat doesn't use this cat tower?

We recommend giving your cat a few weeks to get accustomed to any new cat furniture. Anything new is going to smell strange to them at first. It can help to rub the cat furniture with a piece of fabric with your or your cat's scent on it. Luring your cat onto the cat furniture with treats or catnip is always a good option. We also recommend using toys to encourage playtime on the furniture. If none of this works, we do offer a 60 day "finicky cat" return policy. Please contact customer service for more information.

Customer Reviews

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robert herman
Just Purrfect!

this makes the third but from these refined bunch of artistic creators and again I'm pleased beyond expression. The cats love this too and it is built to last a life time as well. can't wait for my next purchase!

Christina Carroll
Cat has disappeared into it

I got the grey one to replace a window perch. My male cat LOVES this tower so much he’s ignoring us! If he’s not on one of the perches, he’s “resting” in his condo and can’t be bothered to come out and socialize 🤣

Brian Sumner
White Lotus Cat Tower 2 week review

This is my second Lotus Cat Tower. My first was a mahogany Lotus Tower and my cats loved it. This new tower not so much. The previous tower had carpet pads this new one has fake fur pads. Even after washing the pads they still have a plasticky crinkle feeling to them that my cats do not like. I have seen them multiple times step on the pads then get off and immediately clean their front paws. My plan is to replace the fur pads with grey carpet or cushions for the tree when they come back in stock. Beside this the tree is beautiful, sturdy, and an elegant looking piece of furniture that blends effortlessly into the existing room.

Nice but a pain to build

Nice but a pain to build

Jill R
Creative cat tree

We are very happy with this tree. We wanted something that looked more like a sculpture than a cat tree and it definitely does! I was able to put it together myself with no issues, it was just a bit time consuming . Impressed with the quality and our cats are using it! It’s definitely large so be sure you understand how much space it requires. We highly recommend!