Kitty Ball Cat Bed


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Indulge your cat’s desire for height and security while adding a striking, dome-shaped piece of furniture to your decor at the same time. The Kitty Ball Cat Bed combines elevated comfort and easy accessibility with remarkable style. Constructed of hand-woven durable faux rattan that withstands clawing, the Kitty Ball Cat Bed will compliment any home furnishing.

Cat Bed Features:

  • Constructed of hand-woven, durable faux rattan that will not break if clawed
  • Faux rattan has the strength of non-toxic plastic and the look of natural rattan
  • Includes soft machine washable cushioned cat bed
  • Features a weighted base

Kitty Ball Cat Bed Dimensions

What is the Kitty Ball Cat Bed made of?

This wicker cat bed is constructed of durable and non-toxic faux rattan. It looks and feels like natural rattan or wicker, but it won't break if clawed.

Is the cushion in this cat bed washable?

Yes, the cover for the cushion in this cat bed can be removed and machine washed.

Can the cushion in this cat bed be replaced?

Yes, we offer replacement cushion covers. All of the wearable parts on all of our cat furniture can be replaced.

How much does this raised cat bed weigh?

This cat bed weighs 14 lbs.

Where should I put this wicker cat bed?

It is best to put this cat bed wherever your cat likes to take a catnap! You can also place it near a window or somewhere sunny.

What do I do if my cat doesn't use this cat bed?

We recommend giving your cat a few weeks to get accustomed to any new cat furniture. Anything new is going to smell strange to them at first. It can help to rub the cat furniture with a piece of fabric with your or your cat's scent on it. Luring your cat onto the cat furniture with treats or catnip is always a good option. If nothing works, we do offer a 60 day "finicky cat" return policy. Please contact customer service for more information.

Is this raised cat bed sturdy?

Yes, this raised cat bed has a wide and weighted base to prevent tipping, even from larger cats.

Why is the Kitty Ball Cat Bed the best cat bed?

The Kitty Ball Cat Bed is loved by both cats and their owners. Cats love this wicker cat bed because it offers them an elevated place to lounge while you'll love how it looks in your home.

How much weight can this cat bed hold?

Weight is not an issue when it comes to the sturdy and durable Kitty Ball Bed. If the cat can fit inside the bed it can be safely held. Multiple cats have even been spotted snuggling up for a catnap inside of this large cat bed!

What do I do if the bed starts to wobble?

If the cat bed wobbles it is because the legs and the bolt need to be tightened.

Customer Reviews

Based on 554 reviews
Sarah Langston
I love it

Yes, i love it. Yes they ( my two Siberians Cats) at first they didnt . I put some catnip and their favorite thing to sleep on insude and both cats have found their lounging spot. Yet - they dont like the smell of the cushion.. and the cushion is awkward . Like goldilocks and the three beds… it is bot just right!

Alisha Hein

I read reviews so maybe was just expecting more. First off the cushion is paper thin and even when when tied to the bed it slides all over when cat attempted to go in the bed. The thing is wobbly and I tried tightening the bolt and legs.

cristina bruno-dalola
very nice

this is a very cute item, I am very satyisfied

Toni Byers
Elite Cat Bed

My cat loves this bed. I never see her out of it now! She watches everything from her cat bed & doesn't seem to want to come out!

Beautiful Kitty Bed

...if only they would use. I have 6 cats. At least one should hog this beauty, right?!? Well, only 1 cat tried it. Unfortunately he's a little on the old side and when he tries to get in, the cushion moves and he feels unsteady. I help him in when I see interest but the other kitties sniff and walk away. I changed the cushion with his own bed but the unit is a little shaky and I guess this discourages him from taking the leap. The best part about this is it looks fabulous in my room! Hahaha!

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