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Refined Cat Litter Box Deluxe


Discreetly hide your litter pan with the Refined Cat Litter Box. Our deluxe cat litter box enclosure allows you to customize the size, color, front panels, and feet to perfectly match your home’s decor. The only ones who will know there’s a litter pan inside are… you and your cat. Assembly required. Litter Liner included.

Large: 27.5″ w x 28″ h x 20″ d

xLarge: 33.5″ w x 28.5″ h x 23″ d

See the specifications below for more dimension details.

Customize your litter box furniture:

Clear selection

Measurements of this litter box enclosure:
External: 27.5″ w x 28″ h x 20″ d
Internal: 25″ w x 20″ h x 17″ d
Large fits most Large and Jumbo size plastic litter trays

External: 33.5″ w x 28.5″ h x 23″ d
Internal: 31.5″ w x 20.5″ h x 20″ d
xLarge fits electric litter boxes including LitterMaid Elite, LitterMaid Elite Mega, ScoopFree, and Petmate Purrforma

What are the weights of the litter box enclosures?

Large: 35.25 lbs
xLarge: 46.25 lbs

How much weight can your cat litter box furniture support on top?

Our high-quality wooden litter box cabinets can easily support 50 lbs. They are sturdy enough and large enough for even the biggest cats.

What is the purpose of the internal plastic liners?

Cats often kick up litter when using the litter box. The included waterproof plastic litter liner contains stray cat litter so it doesn't end up on the bottom of your cabinet. While the liner itself is plastic and waterproof, the corners where the flaps fold are not. You can use tape to waterproof the corners if needed.

Are the litter liners replaceable?

Yes we sell the replacement litter liners although one is included with each litter box cabinet.

Are litter boxes included?

No, litter boxes or trays are not included. The Refined Cat Litter Box Deluxe can accommodate all standard-size litter boxes. The X-Large can fit most electric litter boxes. Please check the dimensions listed.

Where can I buy carbon odor filters for the back of this litter box cabinet?

We offer odor-absorbing carbon filters that slide perfectly into the rear slots of the litter box cabinet. Each is made to last at least 90 days.

Does this litter box furniture require assembly?

Yes, each piece of this litter box furniture comes carefully wrapped and securely packaged along with instructions for assembly. Assembly should take around an hour to complete and all of the needed hardware and tools are included.

The doors and feet I ordered for this litter box enclosure are missing.

Each litter box cabinet comes with modern style doors and no feet. If a different style of door or feet is selected, they may ship separately. Please use the tracking number provided in the email to track the shipment or you can reach out to customer service.

Which size of this cat litter box enclosure should I order?

If you have a standard litter box we recommend the large size. If you have a very large or self-cleaning/electric litter box we recommend the x-large. Please check the dimensions of each size before ordering.

What do I do if my cat won't use the litter box furniture?

We recommend giving your cat a few weeks to get accustomed to any new cat furniture. Anything new is going to smell strange to them at first. It can help to rub the cat furniture with a piece of fabric with your or your cat's scent on it. Luring your cat onto the cat furniture with treats or catnip is always a good option. If nothing works, we do offer a 60 day "finicky cat" return policy. Please contact customer service for more information.

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Lauren Haring
So glad we bought this!

We are so grateful this piece exists as we do everything we can to camouflage the litterbox area. This sturdy cabinet is better than we expected. It was easy to build and looks great in our home.

Lisa Thayer
Attractive and functional!

We ordered an XL cabinet in mahogany. It arrived in a timely and well-packaged manner and was not difficult for to assemble- instructions were detailed and complete! I am also thrilled that our hooded litter box fits inside with room to spare so even less litter inside the cabinet than I expected! And the biggest plus is that our two big boy kitties love it!

Aesthetically pleasing functional litter cabinet

My XL white cabinet was delivered promptly, in good condition and. packaged well. The assembly instructions are clear and easy to follow. However, the finish leaves something to be desired. The finish is thin and one area of the internal side a little bare and needed to be painted. I felt the need to caulk all interior joints( even with using the interior liner) and sprayed the entire cabinet with a few coats of polyurethane as a precautionary measure in case of accidents and not allow any stains to soak into the wood. Overall this a great product. It is made of real wood and well constructed. This cabinet is large and is accommodating four cats without issues I would recommend or purchase again if necessary.

Andrea Stocker

This is a lovely piece of furniture. It is nice having the cat box out of the way and hidden and it is nice that it blends with the furniture.

Roxanne Mercer
Amazing customer support

I was frustrated that I had heard that my packages shipped so I sent an email. I received an immediate response (in was in my junk mail) but they also discovered that fed ex was was beyond delayed. There was nothing they could do about that. But what they did do was check with fed ex regularly (because their on line site was down

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