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Everything from the best cat furniture to tips and entertainment.
Cat Dad Gifts

11 Cat Dad Gifts: A Gift Guide For Cat Dads

Every cat dad out there should get the purrrfect present whether it’s for Father’s Day or just to tell them how special they are! Whether…

When a Stray Cat Adopts You A Guide to Handling Feline Visitors

When a Stray Cat Adopts You: A Guide to Handling Feline Visitors

Discovering a stray cat frequenting your doorstep can tug at the heartstrings and stir up a whirlwind of questions. Is it lost? Is it hungry?…

Understanding Feline Behaviors Do Cats Make Friends

Understanding Feline Behaviors: Do Cats Make Friends?

A common question cat owners ask is “do cats make friends?” Cats are often stereotyped as solitary creatures, content to reign over their domains with…

Why Does My Cat Lay In The Middle of the Floor

Why Does My Cat Always Lay In the Middle of the Floor?

If you share your home with a feline friend, you’ve likely noticed a peculiar behavior: your cat’s penchant for sprawling out right in the middle…

mother's day gifts for the cat moms in your life

The Purr-fect Mother’s Day Gifts For the Cat Mom in Your Life

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate the cat mom in your life than with gifts that acknowledge her…


Keeping Your Outdoor Cat Healthy, Happy, and Safe

If your feline friend enjoys the freedom of the outdoors, you’re likely familiar with the extra worries that come with their adventures. While the outside…


Understanding and Tackling Bad Breath In Cats

Have you ever received a loving headbutt from your feline friend, only to be greeted by a less-than-pleasant whiff? While we cherish these close moments…

8 Tips For a Peaceful Cat and Dog Household

8 Tips for a Peaceful Cat and Dog Household

Integrating cats and dogs under one roof can be a delightful yet challenging experience. While these two species can form fast friendships, their distinct behaviors…

Why Does My Cat Nibble

Why Does My Cat Nibble?

If you’re a cat owner, you’ve likely experienced a peculiar yet endearing behavior from your feline friend: the gentle nibble. Unlike a bite intended for…


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