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Everything from the best cat furniture to tips and entertainment.
8 Tips For a Peaceful Cat and Dog Household

8 Tips for a Peaceful Cat and Dog Household

Integrating cats and dogs under one roof can be a delightful yet challenging experience. While these two species can form fast friendships, their distinct behaviors…

Why Does My Cat Nibble

Why Does My Cat Nibble?

If you’re a cat owner, you’ve likely experienced a peculiar yet endearing behavior from your feline friend: the gentle nibble. Unlike a bite intended for…

8 Reasons Why You Should Switch to An Automatic Litter Box

8 Reasons Why You Should Switch to An Automatic Litter Box

In the realm of cat ownership, the litter box stands as a necessary, albeit not particularly glamorous, element. The introduction of automatic self-cleaning litter boxes…

The Pros and Cons of Living In A Multi Cat Household

The Pros and Cons of Living In a Multi-Cat Household

Cats are known for their independent nature, but they can also enjoy and benefit from the company of their fellow felines. For cat lovers, the…

How To Choose The Right Cat Scratching Post

How To Choose The Right Cat Scratching Post

Wondering how to choose the right scratching post for your cat? You can easily pick a style online through reviews or based on price, but…

leaving your cat home alone

Checklist For Leaving Your Cat Home While On Vacation

Ever come home feeling like you need a vacation from your vacation? Between planning and packing, taking a vacation can be stressful. This is especially…

Tips For Creating A Cat-Friendly Living Space

Ah, the joys of being a cat parent! From the sound of their gentle purrs to the hilarious antics they get up to, cats bring…


Tips For Keeping Your Kitty Cozy In The Fall

As we swap out our summer sandals for cozy boots and sip on pumpkin-spiced lattes, there’s no denying that fall is upon us. But amidst…


How To Kitten-Proof Your Home

Who doesn’t love kittens? Welcoming a new kitten into your home is an exciting and joyful experience. However, just like with human babies, it’s important…


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