The Igloo Cat Bed Deluxe


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With a beautiful wooden composite top and bottom, the Igloo Cat Bed Deluxe doubles as a stunning end table and a nesting spot for your cat. The scratch-proof, hand-woven faux rattan cat bed adds ambiance to any room while allowing cats to feel secure and part of the home’s social fabric.

Features of this cave cat bed:

  • Made of durable and claw-proof faux rattan that is built to last
  • Includes a soft machine washable cushion
  • Top and bottom are made of wood substrate
  • Large 25″ diameter x 20″ high


What is the Igloo Cat Bed made of?

This wicker cat bed is constructed of durable and non-toxic faux rattan. It looks and feels like natural rattan or wicker, but it won't break if clawed.

Is the cushion in this cat bed washable?

Yes, the cover for the cushion in this cat bed can be removed and machine washed.

How much does this cat bed weigh?

This cat bed weighs 17.5 lbs.

Where should I put this cat bed?

Since this cat bed also doubles as an end table, you will want to place it next to a chair or couch for optimal use. You can also just place it wherever your cat likes to take a catnap.

What do I do if my cat doesn't use this cat bed?

We recommend giving your cat a few weeks to get accustomed to any new cat furniture. Anything new is going to smell strange to them at first. It can help to rub the cat furniture with a piece of fabric with your or your cat's scent on it. Luring your cat into the cat bed for the first time with treats or catnip is always a good option. If nothing works, we do offer a 60 day "finicky cat" return policy. Please contact customer service for more information.

Why is the Igloo Cat Bed the best cat bed?

The Igloo Cat Bed is loved by both cats and their owners. Cats love this wicker cat bed because it offers them a comfortable and covered place to lounge. Meanwhile, you'll enjoy using it as a table and will love how it looks in your home.

Customer Reviews

Based on 190 reviews
Sarah S.
Perfect for deck!

We'll take it in during the winter, but it's a perfect side table for the deck and the cat loves it. Ran right in and flopped down. Looks great, good aeration to give him a breeze in the hottest days. Love it.

Chase N
She loved it!

I expected her to ignore it, like most cats when you buy them something. By day 5 she regularly used it as her daytime nap spot. She is in it right now as I type this, she has found it very relaxing and comfortable. She is 14 and I thought for sure she wouldn’t be into it..I was pleasantly surprised! She is about 14 lbs.

Taryn Lucas
Almost perfect

I actually bought this for my 9 pound toy poodle. This pet house would be almost be perfect if I didn’t have such a hard time screwing the hardware in. It seems on mine that holes for the screws are not entirely lined leaving a small gap between the screw and the small knob that it goes into. It was extremely hard to screw them in, and the top does not entirely fit snug to the bottom. And it was hard to get the two to fit that way. Other than that I love this bed. I wish it came it white to match my decor, but smoke color is good. Hopefully they will make it in white because I would still purchase it again. My dog has not adapted it to yet, but I think he just needs time since al his other (expensive) beds where open. Meaning no top or enclosure. I recommend this bed. It’s well made, but maybe I just got a defective one. Good purchase and I’m def keeping it.

cristina bruno-dalola
pretty but screws were defective

item is great quality and very pretty but the screws were defective so they do not lock,

Rachel Wilmoth
Cats love it!

My cats immediately took to this cat bed. Two of them love it so much they take turns using it. I've ordered a couple more so they can each have their own, plus a spare for any other interested kitty.

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