Purrrrfect End Table

Original price was: $129.99.Current price is: $116.99.

Original price was: $129.99.Current price is: $116.99.
Original price was: $129.99.Current price is: $116.99.
Original price was: $129.99.Current price is: $116.99.

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Why You Will Love It

  • Modern cat bed and end table

  • Crafted from solid wood, sisal, and fabric

  • Internal shelf for storage

  • Scratchpad and cushion can be replaced

Why Your Cat Will Love It

  • Private yet close by space to hang out in

  • Plush cushioned cat bed for cozy cat naps

  • Cats can fully stretch on the large scratching surface

  • Large enough for house cats of all sizes


The Purrrrfect End Table is an elegant cat bed for your cat to crawl into and also doubles as an end table or nightstand. Two curved sisal panels provide your cats ample area to claw when they are not nesting inside. The machine-washable cushion gives felines a soft spot to curl up onto for a comfy catnap. If the sisal panels wear or the cushion gets dirty it’s no problem as replacement parts are always available.

The 20″ diameter and 22″ height makes this a sturdy table and it includes an inner storage shelf whether it be for cute cat toys or the TV remote.


Overall size: 20″ L x 20″ W x 22″ H
Opening: 7.5″ L
Sisal panels: 8″ L x 20″ H

Purrrfect End Table sisal scratchpad
Purrrfect End Table replaceable scratchpad and cushion
Purrrfect End Table dimensions


  • Dual-purpose end table and cat scratcher
  • Plush hide-a-way cushioned cat bed
  • Large removable sisal scratching surface

In real life

    Purrrrfect End Table Smoke
    Purrrrfect End Table

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 24 reviews
    Denise Manly
    Great end table for me with kitty benefits for her!

    What a beautiful piece of furniture! It is sturdy and looks just like the picture. It is SO new it smells that way, and she won't go anywhere near it yet. I know she is going love it when she finally realizes it's for her. My only complaint is that is was a real pain in the you know what to put together! But now that it is put together and sitting at the end of my loveseat complimenting my other furniture...I am over it! I know you will love it too!

    Amanda Kuhl Sarrubbo
    Customer Support

    The first delivery of the product that I had ordered was damaged . I called Customer Service and I spoke to Daphne who was fantastic . She quickly arranged to have a complete replacement sent to me . I assembled the product once it arrived ( very easy to do ) .

    It’s Wobbly

    I don’t know if I got a faulty product or what, but the table wobbles like crazy, I don’t know how to fix it. I can already see it falling to pieces if the cats play too rough with it.

    Cat Scratch Fever

    This table replaced an unsightly cat scratching pole and looks 100 times better but still provides a scratching surface for the cat so he doesn’t scratch the sofa. Love it!

    Nice piece of furniture

    Very nice piece of furniture and it looks nice with plenty of surface area.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is this cat bed end table made of?

    This beautiful wooden cat bed is made of plywood with a rich oak veneer. It also features sisal scratch panels to satisfy your cat's instinct to scratch.

    Is the cushion in this cat bed washable?

    Yes, the cover for the cushion in this cat bed can be removed and machine washed.

    Can the cushion be replaced?

    Yes, we offer a replacement cushion. All of the wearable parts on all of our cat furniture can be replaced.

    Can the sisal be replaced?

    Yes, we offer replacement sisal. All of the wearable parts on all of our cat furniture can be replaced.

    How much does this large cat bed weigh?

    This wooden end table cat bed weighs 24 lbs.

    Where should I put this cat bed?

    Since this cat bed also doubles as an end table, you will want to place it next to a chair or couch for optimal use. However, you can also just place it wherever your cat likes to take a catnap.

    What do I do if my cat doesn't use this cat bed?

    We recommend giving your cat a few weeks to get accustomed to any new cat furniture. Anything new is going to smell strange to them at first. It can help to rub the cat furniture with a piece of fabric with your or your cat's scent on it. Luring your cat into the cat bed for the first time with treats or catnip is always a good option. If nothing works, we do offer a 60 day "Happy Cat" return policy. Please contact customer service for more information.

    Why is the Purrrrfect End Table the best cat bed?

    This cat bed is the best because you will love it just as much as your cat does. Not only will it match the decor of your home but it will be a functional piece of furniture as well. Your cat will love to use the cat bed and scratch on the sisal while you use it as a table.

    Parts & Accessories

    If parts wear, replacements are available

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