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Allergic To Cats? You Can Probably Still Have One!
Allergic To Cats You Can Probably Still Have One

Allergic To Cats? You Can Probably Still Have One!

Many cat lover’s worst nightmare is being allergic to cats. Finding this out after adopting a cat can be worrisome. Don’t worry though, you can probably still have a cat if you put in the effort. Here are 6 tips that may allow you to have a cat even if you’re allergic to cats.

Tip #1: Talk To Your Doctor First!

Most cat allergies tend to be mild in comparison to most environmental and food allergies but it can’t hurt to be on the safe side! Allergies vary even by the cat and everyone reacts differently. So, make sure to speak with your doctor before bringing home a cat. It can’t hurt to do a full allergy test while you’re there as well. It’s a good idea to know exactly what you’re allergic to before thinking about taking allergy medication.

Tip #2: Allergic Reactions Vary By Cat

The protein that cats secrete which causes people to be allergic to cats is found in a cat’s saliva, skin, and fur. It was actually discovered that male cats produce a greater amount of this protein than females. So, keep the sex of the cat in mind as well as the breed of the cat when adopting. Certain breeds like the Balinese, Javanese, Siberian, and Oriental Shorthair cats are sometimes considered hypoallergenic since they produce less of this protein. Also, hairless cats, like the Sphynx and Rex, are popular among people with allergies. Cats also secrete less of this protein once they’re fixed. So, spaying or neutering the cat can help reduce your allergies too. If you can, spend some time with the cat before adopting it so you know how you’ll react.

Tip #3: Get Used To Cleaning If You’re Allergic To Cats

Most people probably don’t love to clean, but you’ll have to at least learn to get used to it if you’re allergic to cats. Vacuuming your floors more often will of course aid in reducing allergies. Getting all of the excess hair off of the floor will make a noticeable difference too. Cat hair gathers quickly, especially on soft surfaces. So, blankets and bedding should be washed at least weekly (both yours & your cats).

Having as little carpeting as possible in your home will also help. Wood and tile floors make cleaning up easier as there are fewer spots for the hairs to hide. Getting couches and other furniture made from leather or suede-type materials will help too since it can be easily wiped down. Last but not least, robotic vacuums are super helpful for picking up dander and many are made specifically for pet hair.

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Tip #4: Invest In Cat Furniture That Is Easy To Clean

Carpeted cat trees hold onto cat hair like it’s their job! So, cat furniture with minimal carpeting will be easier to clean, just like your human furniture. Modern cat furniture from The Refined Feline is built from easily cleanable materials such as metal and wood. Plus, the soft parts like the cushions and berber carpets can be easily removed and cleaned, or replaced if soiled. Many of the cat towers and cat beds are even multi-functional. Thus, offering cats space to climb, scratch, and nap without trapping cat hair. The modern wood and metal designs will look great in any home!

Tip #5: Try Purina ProPlan LiveClear Cat Food!

A new cat food, Purina ProPlan LiveClear, reduces the number of allergens that cats secrete. A 47% reduction in this protein is seen on average after eating the food for just 3 weeks. It comes in multiple kinds such as an Indoor Formula and Weight Management.

Tip #6: Air Purifiers Will Help If You’re Allergic To Cats

Adding an air purifier to your home is a great way to remove even more dander from circulating. Removing the hair, dander, and dust from the air will greatly improve allergies as well as the air quality. This doesn’t mean that you won’t have to dust or vacuum, but an air purifier will certainly help. Do some research before getting one though as there are many different kinds. Be sure to also choose one that is made to handle the size of the room that it’ll go in. More than one air purifier may even be needed if you have a larger home.

Being Allergic To Cats Doesn’t Have To Stop You From Having A Cat With These Tips

Allergies don’t have to be a deal-breaker if you really want to have a cat in your home. Following these tips will help manage your allergies so that you can live a happy feline-filled life. You can probably have a cat even if you’re allergic, as long as you’re willing to put in the effort.

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