Best Cat Products for Your Wall in 2024

Best Cat Products for Your Wall in 2024

If you’re a cat lover looking to infuse your living space with feline charm and purrrsonality, you’re in for a treat. We’ve scoured the market to bring you a curated selection of wall accessories and practical items that celebrate our beloved whiskered friends. Whether you’re aiming to create a whimsical gallery wall or simply seeking functional yet stylish cat-themed products, we’ve got you covered. From adorable wall clocks to functional shelves, these products are sure to add a playful touch to any room while expressing your love for all things cat-related. Join us as we explore the purrfect ways to transform your walls into a cat lover’s paradise!

The 12 Best Cat Products For Your Wall

  1. Lotus Branch Cat Shelf
  2. Lotus Leaf Cat Shelf
  3. Cat Clouds Cat Shelf
  4. Wall Mounted Wooden Cat Capsule
  5. Macrame Wall Cat Hammock
  6. Macrame Cat Ceiling Hammock
  7. Black Cat Pendulum Wall Clock
  8. Retro Cat Clock
  9. Vertical Cat Scratching Post
  10. Catnip Balls for Your Wall
  11. Wall Door for Cats
  12. Wall Grooming Brush for Cats

Cat Wall Shelves

Lotus Branch Cat Shelf Smoke

Lotus Branch Cat Shelf

This Lotus Branch Cat Shelf, made from oak veneer over bent bly, is 60.25″ long and comes in multiple wood finishes. It includes a removable berber carpet for your cat to rest on (or white faux fur if the white color is selected). It is an elegant and functional piece of cat wall furniture that will blend in with the decor of any home! Plus, the carpeting can be removed for spot cleaning or replaced if ever needed keeping it looking new for years to come.

Lotus Leaf Cat Shelf Smoke

Lotus Leaf Cat Shelf

This curved Lotus Leaf Cat Shelf is the purrrfect shape for cats to curl into and screws securely to your wall. Cats love to run up and climb from shelf to shelf and the shelves can easily support housecats of all sizes. The Lotus Leaf and Lotus Branch Cat shelves from The Refined Feline come in matching finishes so that they can be mixed and matched to create a custom catwalk along your wall.

Wall Cat Shelves for Cat Walk

Cat Clouds Cat Shelf

The modern Cat Clouds Cat Shelf will look elegant on your wall and is the perfect way to create a stepped pathway along your wall for cats to enjoy. The steel metal material makes these cat shelves extra sturdy and the soft padding is metallic so it can be easily removed for cleaning.

wall mounted cat capsule

Wall Mounted Wooden Cat Capsule

A cool piece of cat wall furniture for any room, a wall mounted cat capsule will give any space a futuristic feel. Cats love being able to still view their surroundings through the clear bottom while lounging around. The sturdy design mounts securely to the wall and provides a large area for cats to lounge.

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cat wall carpet

Cat Wall Climbing Carpet

Do you love the bohemian look? A macrame cat hammock will blend in purrrfectly with your home. Made from 100% natural high-quality cotton rope, this cat hammock is for cool cats only. It can really be hung anywhere that your cat prefers, whether indoors or outdoors. It includes an elegant platform for your cat so that they can hang out in style.

cat hammock

Macrame Cat Ceiling Hammock

Do you have any unused ceiling hooks? Put them to good use by giving your cat an extra bed to catnap in. Made from high-quality cotton rope, the bottom of this cat ceiling hammock is circular shaped, purrrfect for adding a comfy cat cushion. Your cats will also love the gentle swaying back and forth of their own hammock. You may want to give your cat a way to get to the bed though! You could add cat shelves as a step to help your cats reach their private hammock.

Cat Wall Clocks

cat wall art and clock

Minimalist Cat Clock And Wall Art

This minimalist wall clock is covered with a crystal porcelain material and doubles as beautiful wall art. With a frame made of MDF material that is strong and durable, it won’t easily deform or break. It’s a great decoration for the wall of any room and makes the purrrfect gift for the cat lover in your life!

fishbowl cat clock

Fishbowl Cat Clock

This fishbowl cat clock is sure to create a cool and funky statement in any room you place it in. It’s also the purrrfect gift for anyone who loves cats.

Functional Wall Items for Your Cat

vertical cat scratching post

Vertical Cat Scratching Post

A vertical cat scratching post is a great way to keep your cats from scratching other items. This scratch pad made of natural wood can be blended right in with the rest of your wall decor. The durable scratching surface is made from natural woven sisal for long-term scratchability.

Catnip Wall Balls

Balls of Catnip for Your Wall

Most adult cats absolutely love catnip and these pawesome catnip wall balls will give your cats the chance to get some whenever they please. In addition, they are made of pure natural plant extracts with no added chemicals. Give them a try and watch with delight as your cat goes crazy for them!

cat wall doro

Cat Wall Door

Like to keep your doors closed when you sleep? Adding a cat wall door to your wall to give your kitty a way to go where they please on their own schedule. The large opening allows cats of most sizes to fit through safely. Maybe your cat just wants to get away from the dog for a bit and sit in a quiet room. Above all, this cat wall door gives your felines the independence they desire.

cat wall scratcher

Cat Grooming Brush for Walls

This cat grooming massage brush for your wall (or for the corner of anything really) is designed from long plastic bristles that are soft and will have your cats purring! According to some studies, massage can help increase circulation and improve the health of pets. The brush can also be removed from the wall attachment to easily remove the hair.

Best Cat Products for Your Wall

Add some feline fun to your home with any of our best cat products for your wall. These cat products will not only make your space look great, but will also keep your feline friends happy! You know how the saying goes, happy cats happy life!

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