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5 Ways To Stay Productive While Working From Home With Cats
Stay Productive While Working From Home With Cats(2)

5 Ways To Stay Productive While Working From Home With Cats

The work environment has changed a lot over the past 2 years. Many people suddenly had their offices transferred to their homes, forcing them to create a whole new workspace. Some of us don’t adapt to changes too quickly and the same goes for our pets who have been confused by this shift in routine.  Most pets are ecstatic that their humans are home and able to spend time with them! However, having a cuddle buddy nearby who wants pets or wants to go outside can make it tough to concentrate on what needs to get done. How can you continue accomplishing tasks while your fur children are demanding attention? Read on for tips from The Refined Feline for staying productive while working from home with cats.

#1:Take Periodic Play Breaks When Working From Home With Cats

When working from home with cats, the easiest way to keep your feline friends from constantly interrupting you is with short amounts of play time throughout the work day. If your cat is bored, they will make it your problem too! Since you’re just sitting at your computer, seemingly doing nothing, they will see this as you being available. So, whenever you can break away from work to play with them for a few minutes to help work off some energy. If they get 10-15 minutes of playtime a few times a day, they will likely nap in between, giving you a chance to concentrate before the next play session. Taking a break around the same time each day is even better! Establishing routines with your cat will make them less likely to interrupt your work time as well. 

#2: Provide Cat Toys & Cat Furniture To Keep Your Cat Entertained

Even with play breaks, more playful cats may still paw at you for attention. Although cats can sleep a lot during the day, they may be awake more often when you’re home. Cats are notorious for lying on keyboards and laptops. So, having items to hold their attention can help keep them busy and away from your workstation. Interactive cat toys that move may keep your cat entertained for longer than the average toy. You can also leave out boxes for them to play in.

If you’re working from home with cats, adding plenty of cat furniture to your home can also help preoccupy your feline. A large cat tree by a window can provide hours of entertainment. With the birds flying by and all of the activities of the outside world, your cat can easily pass the time. You can also install wall furniture specifically for your cat. Cat wall shelves for example provide a horizontal surface up high for your cat to hang out without encroaching on your workspace. You can hang them close to your desk so that they can still be close to you, but without interrupting.

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#3: Rethink Your Workflow

Working from home with cats can be challenging, but being able to work from home still has many advantages. Most people have found that their productivity increases while working from home! Making small changes to your routine can make it easier to incorporate some cuddle time.

Moving around throughout the work day and getting a change of scenery has its advantages. So, try using a lap desk and checking emails from the couch to take a break and stretch. If you know your cat is always affectionate at certain times, try to make the transition at that time. Now, you can spend a little time with your furry friend, even if your eyes are on your laptop.

#4: Split Up Meal Times When Working From Home With Cats

Cats are notorious for being constantly hungry. If one piece of kibble is gone, they need a refill! If you’re already at home, they will probably not be shy in asking. To make their mealtime last a little longer, you can use food puzzles. They come in a variety of difficulty levels and will help slow down your pets while eating. Even using these puzzles for treats can help “eat” up a little more time when working from home with cats. You can even use everyday items to hide treats and keep them interesting, such as paper towel rolls or boxes. Throw a few treats into a paper roll and pinch the corners so your pet has to work for it! 

You can break their meals up into multiple smaller meals too so your pet stays fuller more consistently. Since you may have the flexibility to break away and feed them more often, this will keep your cat from scarfing a day’s worth of food down in one sitting and then meowing all day for more. Most felines are used to eating smaller, more frequent meals anyway.

#5: Expect Some Distractions From Your Cat

In the long run, you may not be able to fully keep your pet entertained while you work. Some days they may be very interested in looking out the window, and other days they may not. Be prepared for your pet to still need something on occasion, and try not to get frustrated by being interrupted. If their needs aren’t urgent, you might be able to continue working without having to attend to their needs at that moment. Working from home with cats definitely requires a bit of patience and extra focus but is definitely worth it.

Working From Home With Cats Is The Best, Even If They Distract You!

In any case, most people would probably prefer having their pets as co-workers over actual people. Even though it’s challenging trying to work with pets in your area, they do provide plenty of fun and happiness. Pets help lower stress levels, even when they are being a little needy. Taking advantage of a few of these tips and tricks may help ease the distraction during the day!   

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