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Can Cats See The Supernatural?
Can Cats See The Supernatural

Can Cats See The Supernatural?

Cats being associated with the supernatural is not a new concept by any means. For centuries witches and cats had gone hand in hand, and many superstitions surrounded cats. It’s been thought that cats, and dogs as well, can even see the supernatural or ethereal realm. It does make you wonder when your cat is randomly staring at what looks like nothing to the human eye! So, here is some more information about cats and the supernatural from The Refined Feline.

Cats Are More In Tune

Whether cats are aware of the supernatural or not, we do know that cats are highly in tune. Cats tend to be attentive to your emotions because they are aware of them before you even walk in the door. Cats don’t tend to communicate verbally with each other, they rely more on emotion and body language. So, it’s no wonder that they can sense danger, emotions, and possibly even things we can’t sense or feel. 

Paranormal Activity & Cats

There are many cat owners and observers who have seen their cats participating in an activity that could be considered paranormal. Many cat owners report their cats staring intently into rooms, walls, or corners of the house as if something was there. Some people say their cats won’t go into certain areas of their homes, even if they place their favorite cat tree there.

Of course, there can always be an explanation for any kind of activity a cat does that may seem strange to humans. Maybe their high sense of hearing picked up on something that we can’t or they are picking up on vibrations that we cannot feel. With how quirky cats can be, some may explain it away as cats just being cats. It makes you wonder though if they are sensing something more!

Do Cats Have A Sixth Sense?

For years, it has been thought that cats and dogs can sense much more than humans can. Studies conducted might even be able to confirm it in the near future! We may not be able to say with certainty at the moment if cats can see anything from the spiritual or supernatural realm. However, we also can’t necessarily say that they can’t. Cats have much higher senses of smell, sight, and hearing than humans. So, anything could be possible. 

Some cats can even smell imbalances in a human’s body, alerting them to impending seizures, low blood sugar, and more health issues. Felines seem to sense imbalances or unusual presences in their home, and may even shy away from them if they can. A cat’s senses are way more heightened than ours, and their whiskers can even detect air currents and temperature changes. So, who is to say they can’t also pick up on ghosts and spirits from another realm?

It may be hard to say if cats can sense people with bad intentions, but they are definitely aware of their emotions. Cats can feel negative energy very well, and will most likely choose to ignore people who are angry or hateful. On the opposite side of the spectrum, cats can tell who loves them and will flock to them. If you are feeling sad or even crying, expect to see your cat close by. They will sense you feeling sad right away and may come over to comfort you (if they want to of course)!

Cats in Mythology

Cats were highly regarded in ancient Egyptian culture, so much so that felines were worshipped. When a pet cat died, everyone in the household would shave their eyebrows as part of the grieving process. If a person killed a cat, it was considered a high crime, and the guilty party was severely punished. 

Egyptians also believed that cats were the connecting piece to the spirit realm, being able to speak to spirits. Their mythology claimed that cats were the mediators between our realm and the spiritual realm. Bastet or Bast, daughter of Ra, was an Egyptian goddess of protection and cats. Egyptian mythology believed cats can even ward off evil spirits. 

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So, Can Cats See The Supernatural?

So, can cats and dogs sense spirits, ghosts, and other supernatural phenomena? There aren’t enough studies and research for professionals to say yes or no just yet. Many researchers can’t say for sure because we just don’t know that much about the supernatural itself. 

In the end, it appears to be based on an individual’s personal experiences until there is more concrete evidence. Some cat owners may not notice any supernatural phenomena with their cats since they don’t believe in anything beyond the physical world. Meanwhile, a cat’s strange behavior could simply be explained as supernatural if its owner also believes in it. 

Without enough research into cats and the spiritual realm, this may continue to be unresolved. You know your cat’s behavior the best though and will have to draw your own conclusions for now! 

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