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Why Do Cats Scratch? Learn Why & Keep Your Furniture Scratch Free
Why Do Cats Scratch

Why Do Cats Scratch? Learn Why & Keep Your Furniture Scratch Free

Why Do Cats Scratch?

Has your cat scratched your expensive human furniture? Sank their nails into a new sofa? If so, you’ve probably asked yourself “why do cats scratch”? Cats scratch for a variety of reasons, but it is important to understand that whatever the reason, this is normal cat behavior. Cats scratch to stretch, to sharpen & remove the dead outer layer of their claws, and to mark their territory! Given the fact that cats actually NEED to scratch, there is no point in trying to prevent them from doing so. Instead, focus on directing their scratching away from objects that you value to objects that serve that very purpose.

How To Stop Cats From Scratching Furniture

    • Invest In A Cat Scratching Post
    • Place Scratching Mats Strategically
    • Cover What You Don’t Want Your Cat To Scratch

Invest In A Cat Scratching Post

Does your cat have a dedicated cat scratching post? If not, then invest in one! Make sure that it has a sturdy base so that it does not tip over when your cat tries to use it. Also, make sure it’s tall enough that your cat can completely stretch its body out when using it. If your cat has never had a scratching post before, try spraying or rubbing catnip on it to attract your cat to it. Instinct will take over after that!

Calypso Everlasting Cat Scratcher Smoke

Place Scratching Mats Strategically

If your cat already has a scratching tree or post, but still insists on using your upholstery or wood cabinets, then look into purchasing some scratching mats that you can place near the problem areas. When choosing your scratching mats, try to purchase one that best matches the item already being scratched. For instance, if your cat likes upholstery, find a carpeted or upholstered scratching mat. If your cat prefers paper or cardboard, choose a scratching pad made from corrugated cardboard or paper.

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Cover What You Don’t Want Your Cat To Scratch

Another thing that helps is to cover the upholstery or item that the cat is currently scratching with some plastic sheeting or slippery satiny fabric. Then place a cat scratching mat next to that item. Cats don’t like it when they start scratching and the material under their claws starts sliding around. Your cat should quickly turn its attention to the scratching mat nearby. If your cat ignores the scratching mat then spray or rub some catnip on it. Most cats will quickly choose catnip over plastic sheeting.

Many cats like to use the corners of wood cabinets to sharpen their claws. There are various cat scratching mats that can be hung or even attached over the corner piece so that when your cat goes to scratch, it scratches the mat instead of your wood cabinet or furniture. Again, if the cat seems reluctant to use the substitute, spray or rub catnip on it. There are very few cats who can resist catnip. If that doesn’t work and your cat truly prefers wood for scratching, you can find cat trees and posts that are actually made out of wood. Cover the wood that your cat is currently scratching with plastic sheeting or sticky tape and place the wood scratching post or mat nearby.

In Conclusion: Redirect The Scratching

It’s absolutely necessary to provide your cats with cat furniture to indulge in their normal scratching behavior. You’ll have no problem getting your cats to leave your furniture alone once you find them the right replacement.

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