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Why Do Cats Love Boxes?
why do cats love boxes

Why Do Cats Love Boxes?

Whether your cats are energetic or love their cat naps, they’ll always find some fun with a simple cardboard box! Although your cat may enjoy fancier electronic toys as well, a simple cardboard box is just irresistible. So, you might ask, why do cats love boxes so much? The Refined Feline has put together the top reasons why cats may gravitate toward boxes. 

A Box Is The Perfect Place To Observe From

Cats are highly curious creatures, which means they enjoy exploring, but they also like observing. Cats seek comfort and security and want protection whenever they are watching over their landscape. This is one of the reasons why cats also like tall cat trees and cat wall shelves so much as they give them that high vantage point. Even though most boxes are on the floor, they still form a wall around them, giving them more security. 

Boxes Can Act As A Scratching Surface

Of course, every cat likes to scratch! Not only do they enjoy scratching on different surfaces, but it’s also good for their nails. A cat’s nails shed their outer layers every so often and scratching on cardboard and rougher surfaces aid in this process. When cats scratch, it also places their scent on that object, so they can “claim” it as their own. Many cat scratchers are designed from corrugated cardboard so they may recognize the box as something to scratch!

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Boxes Are Fun To Chew On

That’s right – cats may even chew on a cardboard box! They may slowly rip off little bits at a time or have fun ripping them to shreds. Similar to scratching on a cardboard box, it also feels good to bite and chew on a box. They may end up chewing the box into pieces or just chew on one of the flaps and leave the rest alone.

Boxes Are A Good Spot To Sleep

Many cats love resting and napping in what may seem like a strange location to humans. Some places may seem too small to fit a floofy feline, but they always find a way to fit! One such location may be a small cardboard box. No matter the shape or size, they’re going to want to fit in it! They’ll squeeze in there and make it comfortable, at least for a little while. Cats naturally curl up to rest, so a box makes it a little easier to keep themselves in that curled position. Even though it may look uncomfortable to us, cats love sleeping in boxes. For a good laugh, there are many videos of cats fitting into the tiniest of boxes, simply because they want to! For some cats, it’s almost a conquest to fit into a teeny tiny box!

Boxes Are Great Hiding Spots

Cats love to hide for many reasons and they typically like to hide in small, dark places. This could be a dresser drawer, closet, or under a bed. It could be because they seek comfort and want a spot to feel safe, or they may want to hide so they can pounce on a playmate. It may even remind them of a “den”, which most cats seek when they live outdoors. A den provides them a secure, hidden spot to rest and hide from potential predators. Even though your cats may have grown up indoors, they will instinctively gravitate towards secluded spots, like boxes. 

Boxes Offer Endless Fun

To put it quite simply, cats just enjoy playing in cardboard boxes. They can squeeze in there and roll around, biting on the box or kicking at it. They can also sneak up on any other animals or people in the house. If the box is big enough, they can even wrestle with a playmate inside! There are ways you can add even more excitement to a cardboard box for your playful feline. You can throw cat toys into it for them to play with or cut some holes in the sides and watch your cats swat at each other for hours. You can also sprinkle some catnip into the box for them to roll around in. 

Cats Love Boxes Because They Are Limitless!

No matter how your cat chooses to use a cardboard box, it’s always entertaining for them. The possibilities are endless as your cat’s use of a cardboard box is nearly endless too!  

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