Getting a new cat can be an exciting experience. In all the excitement, it is easy to overlook essential items that you’re going to need to turn your house into a home for your new feline friend. Here is a quick list of essential items you’ll want to make sure you have before bringing your new cat home.

Refind Cat Litter Box Deluxe

Refined cat litter boxOne of the first things you have to take care of before bringing your new cat home is the litter box. In the list of essential items for owning a cat, the litter box is near the top. Just because you have to have a litter box doesn’t mean the whole world has to know, though. A discreet litter box that blends with your existing furniture is an excellent way to meet your cat’s needs while also concealing the place where it does its business. An option such as the cat litter box deluxe will allow you to choose from numerous different styles and finishes to fit in perfectly with existing items in your home furniture collection. It also has a top drawer where you can store accessories and features a slot on the back that holds any standard carbon filter. This nifty little feature will prevent undesirable odors from escaping the litter box and entering into your room.


Running Water Bowl

running water bowlAnother absolutely essential set of items you will need to get for your new cat is a food and water bowl. There are numerous options for food bows available, but when selecting a water bowl, a great option is one with a running stream. This water bowl style will encourage your new pet to drink more frequently and help keep the water cleaner as it circulates through the system. You can find several different variations and options of these bowls online, in many different price ranges.



Lotus Cat Tower

Lotus Cat Tower EspressoCats love to scale and perch in high, lofty places. Providing a cat tree in your home for them to climb and relax on will help prevent your new friend from climbing on top of other pieces of furniture and damaging them. Traditional cat trees available can look tacky when mixed with modern, upscale furniture. The Lotus Cat Tower offers an elegant solution that will seamlessly fit the existing furniture in your home. The careful attention to style, coupled with excellent build materials, makes this option perfect for providing the activity your new cat needs without detracting from your home’s visual appeal.




Calypso Cat Scratcher

Calypso Everlasting Cat Scratcher Smoke

Among the most frustrating aspects of owning a cat is their incessant need to scratch and sharpen their claws. The big problem with this activity is when they decide that your couch is the perfect place to do it, and they shred your expensive upholstery. Providing a scratching post for this behavior will give your cat a more desirable solution to file down their claws and save your costly furniture from ruin at the paws of your cat.





Flopping Fish Cat Toy

The last essential item you are going to need to make sure you get for your new cat are toys to keep it active. Anyone who has ever purchased a cat or interacted with one of one knows that they are playful little creatures who need outlets for their sudden bursts of energy. The flopping fish cat toy is stuffed fish with an electric motor inside that gives it lifelike flopping motion. Cats love this and will go nuts over this toy, creating the perfect entertainment source for both you and your new pet.