Cats Owners Rejoice. Keyboard Space is Freed as Cats have New Place to Rest

Cats Owners Rejoice. Keyboard Space is Freed as Cats have New Place to Rest

Innovative desktop attachment cures frustration over cats climbing over the computer
For millions of cat owners who face the daily challenge of sharing their work space with their beloved cat partners, The Refined Feline has introduced the best of all possible solutions: Kitt-In-Box, a compact and inviting desk-side cat perch. This attractive and convenient all-wood “in-box” attaches to the edge of the desk to keep cats close at hand while maintaining that all-important distance between paws and keyboard.

The compact Kitt-In-Box cat perch has high sides for a nest-like coziness, and a comfortable cushion with a machine washable cover. Besides the clamp for mounting to the desk edge, the Kitt-In-Box has non-marring feet for those who have the room to place the box on the desk or a nearby side table. This unique patent-pending cat perch was designed specifically for cat owners who work in a home or small office, according to The Refined Feline’s President, Josh Feinkind, who has personal experience with ‘Kitten-on-the-Keyboard’ syndrome.

“My old cat Kerpal and I had a regular routine,” Feinkind relates. “As I typed, he would jump up, walk on the keyboard and try to ‘help.’ I would put him on the floor, and 10 minutes later he’d be back on the desk.” He came up with the idea for the Kitt-In-Box while visiting a customer’s home. “We often visit homes to interview cat owners regarding their needs and wants. We learned that many had the same frustrating experiences trying to work around cat helpers.”

Feinkind realized that a cat bed attached to a side of a desk keeps cats out of keyboard reach, but still close enough for a scratch on the belly. “All cat owners know the cats will go where ever they want and you can’t really prevent them from walking on the keyboard,” he admits, but his customers find that the Kitt-In-Box gives cats a comfortable option that keeps them purring on their perch rather than pawing at the computer.

Cat owners agree. One satisfied owner writes, “Typing on the computer would take me twice as long since I had to constantly shoo away my cats, Zoey and Ozzy. The Kit-In Box has transformed my desk from a battle ground back to a work station.” Reene Hoffman, a graduate student in Dallas, Texas, reports, “My cat would spend most of his day walking around the desk, disorganizing my research papers and playing with my mouse. Now that he has a place to relax that is still close to me, I get much more work done, and I get to keep my desk organized the way I like.”

Of course, the Kitt-In Box is not just for computer using cat owners. Any pet owner who works at a desk can use the Kitt-In Box. In fact, the adjustable Kitt-In-Box can hold up to 20 lbs, making it an appealing option for owners of small dogs as well. Plus it’s offered in a variety of stains to match most desk finishes.

The Refined Feline, located in New York City, was established in 2005. They offer a popular line of attractive and functional cat-oriented furniture. Their zen-like Lotus Cat Tower and the Refined Cat Litter Box each won the company a 2006 Editors’ Choice award from Cat Fancy Magazine. They recently also introduced the Catemporary Cat Box, an elegant solution to an inelegant problem: what to do with a smelly litter tray in a small home. For more on The Refined Feline’s line of high-quality wood furniture for cats and their owners, go to their website at, or contact Josh Feinkind at 1 800 289-6136.

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