Best Cat Towers, Cat Trees, & Cat Condos of 2021
Best Cat Towers

Best Cat Towers, Cat Trees, & Cat Condos of 2021

We know that trying to find the best cat tower for your cats can feel like a hassle. There are many different choices online which can make it tough to sort through them all. Wish you could simply find a list of the best cat towers on the market right now? Look no further! The Refined Feline has put together a list of the best cat towers in multiple categories. Here at The Refined Feline, we know cats. We understand the needs of indoor cats which makes it easier to search through hundreds of cat towers and narrow down our top picks! You and your cat will not be disappointed with these cat towers.

Best Cat Towers, Cat Trees, & Cat Condos

Best Cat Tower for Large Cats

Lotus Cat Tower Mahogany

Lotus Cat Tower

If you’re tired of flimsy carpeted cat trees that tip over, you’re not alone. Finding a sturdy cat tree that’ll withstand multiple leaping cats can be tough. The Refined Feline created a great cat tower for large cats though with the Lotus Cat Tower. This durable wooden cat tree stands at almost 6 feet tall and doubles as a piece of art in your home. Your cats will love the vertical space and even the largest of cats will have enough room to jump from platform to platform. It features multiple levels, a sisal scratchpad, and a cushioned den. This cat tree combines everything your cats need to stay busy for hours no matter their size. Plus, it’s offered in multiple colors so you can find the right match for your decor. Anyone visiting will be shocked to find out that this work of art is a cat tree!

[box type=”download”]Pros:

  • Modern design
  • High-quality materials
  • Small footprint
  • Lots of vertical space
  • Parts can be removed, cleaned, and replaced
  • Easy assembly with all tools included


[box type=”warning”]Cons: Higher price point [/box]



  • Multiple perches
  • Sisal Scratchpad
  • Cushioned den
  • Wearable parts can be replaced
  • Easy assembly with all tools included


  • Dimensions: 20″ w x 20″ d x 69″ h
  • Materials: Ply wood with oak veneer, berber carpet, sisal
  • Colors: Espresso, Mahogany, Smoke, White (limited edition!
  • Weight: 72 lbs

[button link=”” type=”big” color=”teal” newwindow=”yes”] $399.99 From The Refined Feline[/button]


The Best Cat Tree House

Cat Tree House

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture

Younger cats and kittens seem to have boundless energy, zooming around the house for hours. If you have a couple of kittens or young cats you will want to make sure they are stimulated. With their adventurous nature, cats can become a little too curious about everything in your house. This cat tree house is the ultimate kitty jungle gym for energetic cats. Standing at 77”, this large cat tower provides endless entertainment no matter how old your cat is. It includes multiple climbing sisal posts, two enclosed dens, and multiple lounging areas. Your cats will be sure to explore every square inch of this tree.

[box type=”download”]Pros:

  • High vertical space
  • Multiple beds and scratching posts
  • Great for energetic cats and multiple cats[/box]

[box type=”warning”]Cons:

  • Takes up a lot of floor space
  • Not made of durable materials
  • Hard to clean [/box]



  • Multiple lounging areas
  • Multiple sisal posts


  • Dimensions: 62” L x 35” W x 77” H
  • Materials: Pressed wood, sisal rope, faux fur
  • Color Options: Brown/black
  • Weight: 80 lbs

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The Best “Realistic” Cat Tree

Best Cat Tower With Leaves

On2 Pets Cat Tree House with Leaves

Okay, we know any time there are fake leaves involved, it’s hard to convey realism. However, if your cat really enjoys the outdoors, they may not realize this cat tree with leaves isn’t a real tree. It’s also a great way to add a little extra greenery to your home. On2 Pet’s Cat Tree with leaves gives your kitty the chance to be a lion, all while staying safely inside your home. Made in the USA, it contains multiple perches on the inside and features a leafy exterior. Plus, the leaves are available in multiple colors, so you can choose the season!

[box type=”download”] Pros:

  • Unique design
  • Hidden tree for shy cats[/box]

[box type=”warning”]Cons:

  • Some reviews say it’s hard to put together
  • Hard to clean[/box]


  • Leafy design
  • Multiple perches


  • Dimensions: 26” L x 26” D x 60” H
  • Materials: Plastic, pressed wood, carpet
  • Color Options: Green, Fall, Plum, Summer
  • Weight: 33 lbs

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The Best Modern Cat Tower

Metropolitan Cat Condo - Kelly Fogel Photography
Photo: @kellyfogelphotography

Metropolitan Cat Condo

Searching for a more modern cat tree can be challenging. There are many types of cat condos online but it’s difficult to find more attractive places for your cats to hang out. The Metropolitan Cat Condo, however, delivers on everything you need in a modern cat condo. This sturdy cat tower is stunning while also subtle in that most of your houseguests won’t even know it’s a cat tree. The multiple levels give your cats a chance to find their own shelf and have some “me time”.

There’s room for multiple cats to climb up the many shelves of this chic cat condo and have their own spacious perch to lay on. No matter how many cats you have, there’s space for them all! You even have the option for four plush cushions and one scratchpad (available in multiple colors) or five faux fur pads. All of the scratchpads and cushions on this cat condo are removable, cleanable, and replaceable. Mix and match the desired frame color and platform options to create the purrrfect cat condo to accent your home.

[box type=”download”]Pros:

  • Multiple levels
  • Plenty of space for multiple cats
  • Modern design,
  • Customizable to your home’s decor
  • Lots of vertical space
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy assembly with all tools included

[box type=”warning”]Cons:

  • Higher price point[/box]



  • Easily blends into any home’s decor
  • Mix and match frame color & platform color
  • Platform with built-in food bowl available
  • Hanging cat toy can be added on
  • Includes wall anchor for added stability
  • Cushions are removable for cleaning or replacement
  • Easy assembly, all tools included


  • Dimensions: 31” w x 15” d x 62” h
  • Platform: 13” h x 18.5” d
  • Materials: Metal, fabric, sisal
  • Colors: White, Gold, Grey, Black
  • Weight: 62 lbs

[button link=”” type=”big” color=”teal” newwindow=”yes”] $349.99 From The Refined Feline[/button]


Best Inexpensive Cat Tower

Best Cheap Cat Tower

Nova Microdermabrasion 53 Inch Multi-Level Cat Tree

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly cat tree for multiple cats then this inexpensive cat tree is a great option. This is a best-seller on Amazon due to the low price and it offers multiple places to play and lounge. However, you always get what you pay for! It probably won’t look new for long and many reviews say that it is smaller than it looks in the photos. It will do the trick for the time being though if you have smaller cats and need something quick and cheap!

[box type=”download”]Pros:

  • Inexpensive
  • Multiple scratchers
  • Multiple lounge areas[/box]

[box type=”warning”]Cons:

  • Reviews say it is smaller than it looks
  • Not made of durable materials
  • Hard to clean[/box]



  • Multiple spots to lounge
  • Multiple scratching areas


  • Dimensions:19.69” L x 15.75” W x 31.89” H
  • Materials: Carb environmental board, fabric, sisal
  • Color Options: Smoky grey, Light grey
  • Weight: 21 lbs

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Best DIY Cat Tower

Best Diy Cat Tower

DIY Cat Tower from Ikea

Most pet furniture requires some basic assembly, but this is purrrfect for the people who like to do it all themselves. With this DIY cat tower, putting it together will be fun and a little creative. Using parts from Ikea, combined with ContempoCat’s platforms, you can easily make your own basic climbing structure for your cats. You can purchase the post and the brackets from Ikea, either in store or online. Then, you can get either 7 or 9 rectangular or kidney bean-shaped platforms from ContempoCat to finish the design. You can also mix and match the two styles of platforms to give your feline more room to relax. You can choose where to place the platforms throughout the structure which gives you better height adjustments than regular trees. Your cats will be climbing this while you’re still putting it together!

[box type=”download”]Pros: Pros:

  • Customizable
  • High vertical space
  • Small footprint
  • Easy to clean[/box]

[box type=”warning”]Cons:

  • Very basic
  • Only provides vertical space
  • No scratching space
  • Not aesthetically pleasing[/box]



  • Mix and match platforms
  • Adjustable height


  • Dimensions: Adjustable height from 87” to 137”
  • Materials: Aluminum with epoxy coating, carpet, wood
  • Color Options: White/tan
  • Weight: 28 lbs

Ikea post
Ikea post brackets

[button link=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener nofollow” type=”big” color=”teal” newwindow=”yes”] $159-$219 From ContempoCat[/button]



Cat Tower: Frequently Asked Questions:


Does my cat really need a cat tower?

The answer is a resounding yes! Cat furniture may seem superfluous to you as your cat already uses all your stuff, right? While that’s true, nobody really likes to borrow someone’s belongings, either. Just like you have your favorite chair, your cat deserves a favorite perch or bed to call their own too. Cats love to explore and giving them options throughout the house to sleep, scratch, and lounge gives them more freedom.

Outdoor cats have endless possibilities for scratching and climbing, but indoor cats don’t. Cats actually prefer being at eye level or above humans, and most furniture in a home doesn’t allow for that. If you have multiple cats, they will want a space to call their own away from the other cats. Many cat trees offer enough levels to supply the need for space and territory. Cats will find a spot to sleep on no matter what, like your clean laundry. Having a central location for them to sleep will help deter them from finding spots in your house that aren’t ideal.

What should a cat tower include?

The items on a cat tree can vary depending on your budget, your cat’s needs, and how much space you have. However, cat towers should at least have some sleeping spaces, one out in the open and one that’s more enclosed. Cat towers will usually already contain some sort of scratching post, which is necessary for promoting healthy nails. The taller the tower is the better. Cats love to climb and will find something else (like your drapes) if not given good alternatives. Giving your cat as much height as possible for them to climb is ideal.

Cat tower features vary greatly based on the price point you’re looking at. If you already have a scratching post for your cat, having it on a cat tree may not be necessary. If your cat is regularly using the one you have, then smaller areas of sisal are good on the tree. The same goes for any cat beds you may have laying around the house. If your cat loves a few of them, then you may want a different kind of cat bed on your cat tree. If you have an older cat, you may want to find a cat tower that is easier to climb. Find the best cat tower to fit your cat’s needs and personality.

How do I get my cat to use the cat tower?

After assembling the cat tower and placing it in a corner, your cat may not even be looking at it. Don’t worry, though, as cats are bound to explore new things eventually. The cat tree may be the highest item in your house, which makes it a little intimidating to your cats at first glance. Placing catnip on the bottom and sprinkling it onto the scratching posts will entice your cats to check it out. They will get more comfortable around it, though, and will keep coming back and utilize it more and more. Placing their blankets or toys on the higher shelves will show them that this cat tree is also theirs.

Knowing what your cats enjoy the most will help you narrow down the choices above for the best cat tree. Whether your cat is zany or mellow, there’s a purrfect cat tree out there for your cats!

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