Ways to Keep Your Cat Calm While Traveling

We ask a lot of our cats when we take them along with us for a long car ride. It can be a sore trial for animals that enjoy their independence and are used to being in control of their own comings and goings. Read how to minimize sources of stress for our pets.

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Ever wonder why cats go crazy for catnip?

Catnip is a strange occurrence among cats, it can alter your cat’s behavior like nothing else! The exact reason why Catnip affects cats in such a weird way remains mostly a mystery. There is however much that we do know about cats and catnip even if we don’t have all the details!

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Unleash your cats wild side while keeping them safe indoors!

Have you ever wondered if your cat is truly happy as an indoor cat while they gaze out the window & chirp at birds? Make sure you’re fulfilling all their feline needs with these tips!

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