Voocoo Cat Products

Voocoo delivers products that cater to all aspects of stellar cat care, with every choice blending design and functionality. Discover water fountains, feeding solutions, and cat carriers known for their standout performance and luxurious looks.

Meet Voocoo, Purveyor of Fine Feline Accessories

We’re all about giving cats the royal treatment, and that’s why we’re purroud to offer Voocoo, a sophisticated voice in feline accessories. Voocoo prioritizes pets and believes in building products with quality craftsmanship and high-fashion designs that make your cat’s life the happiest and healthiest possible. From improved feeding and hydration experiences to comfortable modes of travel, you’ll find Voocoo offers felines and their parents the very best with thoughtful engineering, eco-friendly synthetic materials, and hassle-free operation.

We seek to work with other cat lovers who understand that cats are complex creatures with specific needs. Voocoo knows this fact well and stands out in the cat world for their commitment to giving felines the excellence they deserve. Learn more about Voocoo products and why you'll love them like we do.

Cat Travel Carriers & Backpacks with Style & Comfort

Inspired by high fashion and devoted to feline comfort, Voocoo designers have created a line of cat carriers that reach beyond expectations with their Fynn Pet Travel Bags. With cat bags available in multiple styles to accommodate all tastes, cat parents can choose the cat carry bag that best suits their families' needs and enjoy the look of a high-fashion handbag. The Cat Over The Shoulder Carrier allows versatility in carrying thanks to the adjustable strap—carry it three ways! Choosing this Luxury Cat Backpack will leave you hands-free while your cat enjoys a fresh breeze and a comfortable ride. Opting for the Hand Carry Style Cat Travel Bag and its trolley sleeve design lets you slip the carrier over your luggage handle for those long walks through airports. All options are crafted from premium PU leather, canvas, and nylon and finished with solid stitching and gold-colored hardware for maximum durability. These airline-approved cat carriers will get your cat there with style and safety no matter how far the trip.

Cat Food Bowls that Elevate the Dining Experience

Choosing the right cat food bowls is part of giving your cat the healthiest life possible. Voocoo comes to the rescue with options crafted from high-quality, nontoxic materials that are easy to clean and stand up to daily use. Providing durable cat bowls doesn't mean style has to go out the window, though, and Voocoo knows this well, opting to craft their pet bowls in neutral-toned color palettes and minimalist designs that blend with any home aesthetic. As a fine example of their work, the Libra Bowl Duo with Integrated Scale combines style with function, allowing you to measure your cat's food while providing your cat with a tilted bowl for less neck strain.

Storage Bins for Cat Food That Help Keep the Crunch

Cats dig food, but they really love it when their dry kibble keeps a crunch! Cat food storage bins certainly preserve freshness, but did you know a bin with a vacuum pump protects the food from spoilage? That's why we love the Amber Vacuum Seal Container from Voocoo. This pet food storage solution removes oxygen from the container to slow the degradation of your cat's food. It's an airtight food container that protects dry cat food while featuring a modern design that slides seamlessly into your home's style.

A Cat Water Fountain for Optimal Hydration & Style

Not all cat water fountains are created equal, and the Flow Water Fountain proves it. In creating this pet watering solution, Voocoo has developed a fountain that joins comfort, cleanliness, and style. The Flow offers an elevated drinking tray that keeps kitty chins dry while exceptional filtering and sterilization will give your cat the cleanest sip they've ever tasted. You'll love the clean look of the sleek build and cable-free pump. It's a win for humans and felines who desire the best!

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