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Refined Cat Litter Box Deluxe


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Discretely hide your litter pan with the Refined Cat Litter Box. Our deluxe cat litter box furniture allows you to customize the size, color, front panels, and feet to perfectly match your home’s decor. The only ones who will know there’s a litter pan inside are… you and your cat. Assembly required. Litter Liner included.

Large: 27.5″ w x 28″ h x 20″ d

xLarge: 33.5″ w x 28.5″ h x 23″ d

See the specifications below for more dimension details.

Customize your litter box furniture:

* xLarge in White coming Mid-March


External: 27.5″ w x 28″ h x 20″ d
Internal: 25″ w x 20″ h x 17″ d
Large fits most Large and Jumbo size plastic litter trays

External: 33.5″ w x 28.5″ h x 23″ d
Internal: 31.5″ w x 20.5″ h x 20″ d
xLarge fits electric litter boxes including LitterMaid Elite, LitterMaid Elite Mega, ScoopFree, and Petmate Purrforma

What are the weights of the cat litter boxes?

Large: 35.25 lbs xLarge: 46.25 lbs

What weight can your cat litter boxes support on top?

Well built, these cabinets can support 50 lbs

What is the purpose of the internal plastic liners? Are they water proof?

Cats often kick up litter after use. The plastic litter liner, included, contains stray litter so it doesn't end up on the bottom of your cabinet. While the liner itself is plastic and waterproof, the corners where it the flaps fold are not. Use tape to waterproof the liner if needed.

Are the litter liners replaceable?

Yes we sell the replacement litter liners. Note, each litter box included a litter liner.

Are litter pans included?

No, litter pans or trays are not included. However, the Refined Cat Litter Box can accomodate up to jumbo size litter pans.

Where can I buy carbon filters?

We offer odor-absorbing carbon filters here

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Love our new litter box

I purchased this litter box a week ago. It is a beautiful piece of furniture no one realizes it is a piece of furniture that is concealing a litter box. It looks lovely in my sun room. The smoke color and wood detail is gorgeous. It is very easy to clean the litter box and there is great storage for other items like bags & the litter scooper. I am very pleased with my purchase.

Great looking way to conceal a litter box

I purchased this box enclosure several months ago as we were moving things around our home. In terms of style and quality, this product is amazing. The stain looks incredible and rich, it's an excellent and stylish addition to our home. Our cats very quickly adapted to using it, they have no problems getting in an out. I bumped my rating to four stars due to two issues:
1. After using it for several months, I wish the drawer was not inside of the cabinet itself, but rather above it. It's a convenient storage space, but every time I want to get something, I have to open both doors to access the drawer which is inconvenient.
2. As another reviewer pointed out, the cabinet comes with a cardboard-like tray (liner) for the litterbox to sit in. This contains any litter that gets pushed outside of the box. When you open the cabinet doors, you have to pull the litterbox out with that tray, without any support for it, which is a little inconvenient. I have to pull the liner out halfway and support it with my foot while cleaning the litter box. It may increase the cost of the product, but it would be more convenient if the litterbox sat on a surface that slid out like a drawer.

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. It not only looks great, but it conceals our litterbox, which is a double win for us. As a sidenote, I don't believe the carbon filters are very helpful. The large opening that the cats enter and exit from is big enough that I don't think any filter will stop a particularly smelly package ;)


I am so happy I chose to get another refined feline product. I love this cat litter box. The instructions to assemble are easy to follow. Now I own most of their products. They are a beautiful addition to my home. I highly recommend all of the refined feline products!


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Great litter box

I live in a small apartment this litter box fits right in with my furniture I love it the cat loves it and this company stands behind there product thank you