Modern cat wall shelves free up floor space while satisfying cats’ urge to climb. This new concept in cat furniture from The Refined Feline allows you to create the catwalk of your cat’s dreams right along your walls.

New York, NY (PRWEB) March 18, 2009 — Nothing satisfies a feline like the chance to peer down at its owner from high above. Now, cat owners who don’t want their bookshelf to become a cat’s lair can take advantage of a new cat furniture product that has hit the market, the Cat Clouds Cat Shelf from The Refined Feline. The Cat Clouds Cat Shelf is ingeniously designed to give cats a cozy place to perch up high without taking up floor space or ruining expensive furniture. The clean lines of its metal design look great in a modern apartment, and its spacious, comfortable faux sheepskin platforms give even large cats ample room to perch.

“Our cat Nikki loves to get up high, but in our living room we just didn’t have the space for a large cat tower for her to climb,” says Marcy Thompson, Cat Clouds owner. “We attached two Cat Clouds to our wall in a stepped configuration and Nikki took immediately to climbing up them to keep watch over us.”

The Cat Clouds Cat Shelf is made in the United States of powder-coated steel and shaped to give cats two 10″ x 20″ platforms to relax on. The bottom of the platform pads are magnetized, securely attaching to the metal platform, to permit replacement if the pads get worn. Installed into wood beams or into drywall with the 4 super-heavy-duty wall anchors provided, the Cat Clouds Cat Shelf can support 70 pounds-secure enough for even the heftiest housecats.

“Living in a New York apartment, I know the value of floor space,” says Josh Feinkind, owner of The Refined Feline. “While those with room to spare love our cat furniture products like the Lotus Cat Tower, some cat owners were disappointed that they just didn’t have the space for our products. What I love about this cat walk is it gives cats an elevated place to perch, doesn’t require floor space, and looks like modern art on the wall. We’re in the business of making both cats and cat owners happy.”

The Cat Clouds Cat Shelf comes in 3 colors-White, Off White, and Titanium-and sells for $99.99. To order, call 1-800-289-6136 or visit

Contact Josh Feinkind for more information
1-800-289-6136 x710

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