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Have you ever wondered if your cat is truly happy as an indoor cat while they gaze out the window & chirp at birds? Make sure to keep your cat safe and healthy inside your home with these tips. Going outside is not a requirement for feline happiness. Sure, it’s great if you have a safe private area and can take your cat out for some fresh air every so often. (Use a harness of course and never leave them unattended). If this is not possible though, you can still keep them happy and healthy indoors!

Keep Your Cat Safe and Healthy Inside With These Tips

  • Satisfy their stalking instinct
  • Give them some space of their own
  • Bring some of the outdoors inside
  • 2 cats are better than 1 cat
  • Get Your Cat Microchipped

Cat Towers_Lotus Cat Tower SmokeSatisfy their stalking instinct

Keep your cat stimulated when nobody is home with a variety of toys and cat towers. Get an inexpensive pet camera that links to your phone and see how much exercise they’ll get while you’re out of the house! You can relax while away knowing that your cat is safe and happy (and probably passed out after playing for an hour)! Kittens who are kept indoors are usually happy to stay there as they grow up.

Give them some space of their own

Cat trees, cat wall shelves, and window perches provide your cat their own secure space. They’ll use this space to climb, play, or just lay and watch the birds! It’s important to give your cat their own areas to play as well as to rest. Giving them some vertical space on your wall is a great way to free up your floor space! Throw some catnip on the cat furniture and watch the furry felines unleash their inner tiger!

Bring some of the outdoors inside

Plant cat grass (available from pet supply stores) in indoor pots so your feline can graze as they please! It’s always a good idea to do some research before bringing any other plants into your home since many common household plants can be dangerous to pets. Cat grass and catnip are always a good idea though!

2 cats are better than 1 cat

Cat Bad Two Cats

While toys and cat furniture will keep your furry friend busy for a while, a friend will keep them entertained for life and is most important while they’re still developing as kittens. Not ready to commit to another cat? Reach out to local shelters and see if anyone needs a foster! Many cats are in need of temporary foster homes at all times and the commitment could range in time from just a few days to a few months! Who knows, maybe they’ll become a foster fail! Two cats often end up being the same amount of work as one since they keep each other entertained and will often use the same litter box and eat the same food!

Get Your Cat Microchipped

Even if you do keep your cat indoors, consider having your cat microchipped and keep your contact information with the microchip registry up to date. The occasional open window (even with a screen) or door offers a tempting opportunity for your cat if they see a bird or become frightened. A collar and visible ID are always a good idea as well! If you do lose your cat, contact your local animal shelter immediately to file a report. Shelter workers can give you tips on getting your pet back home safely.