The Refined Feline is changing the way cat accessories appear in homes across the country by manufacturing a growing line of wood-constructed towers and litter box cabinets that actually blend in with a home’s decor instead of being an eyesore.
New York, NY (PRWEB) June 27, 2006 — “Sorry about the litter box.”

A phrase often muttered by cat owners in front of their house guests could soon be obsolete, thanks to a unique product that makes litter boxes look and smell like fine house furniture.

Founder of The Refined Feline, Josh Feinkind, is changing the way cat accessories appear in homes across the country by manufacturing a growing line of wood-constructed towers, scratching posts, and litter box cabinets.

“Imagine the ‘Fancy Feast’ of cat furnishings,” says Feinkind. “With attractive, yet sturdy and practical pieces of furniture, both you and your pet can take the stigma of unsightly litter trays and awkward posts out of your home forever.”

“Besides, who can resist a great new way to spoil a best friend?”

The Refined Litter Box appears in any home as a modified wood cabinet and according, to Feinkind, is a culmination of input from over 1,000 cat owners surveyed across America. The box includes hinged doors, a large sliding platform that holds a litter tray and extra litter, a top storage drawer for cat toys and food, plastic barriers to retain smell, and reversible walls for left or right entry.

Feinkind says the inspiration to develop unique cat furniture grew from the belief of him and several friends who were also cat owners that “cat tree” designs are unnecessarily awkward and unattractive. “We all wondered whoever thought of designing such an ugly product and decided there must be a better way.”

Last year, The Refined Feline introduced a unique multi-level cat entertainment and leisure center – the “Lotus” – which was designed for more eclectic, modern homes incorporating a minimalist movement.

“The Lotus Cat Tower line of products garnered tremendous response and I have received numerous pictures from customers showing how great they look in their living rooms, dining rooms and dens. Of course, our company model, Kerpal, also gave both his paw of approval.”

Feinkind’s Refined Litter Box is offered in Birch, Cherry and Mahogany wood stains for a price of $184.99 and he says consumer interest is already brisk.

“The litter box issue has always been the one universal source of inconvenience for cat owners and I believe in some cases, a deterrent from getting a cat in the first place,” says Feinkind.


Press Contact: Josh Feinkind
Phone: 1 800 289-6136

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