“Cats are connoisseurs of comfort.” James Herriot, British Veterinary Surgeon

When it comes to your pet’s comfort in modern living, the furniture you select does not have to be boring! From scratching to playing hide and seek, you can meet your cat’s needs and happiness without compromising design. Nevertheless, it is first and foremost important to understand the needs of your furry friend before diving into any purchase.

Best Cat Scratchers Furniture for Large Cats

Calypso Everlasting Cat Scratcher Espresso

Cats scratch for different reasons: From territory-marking with their scent and flexing their paw’s claws to expressing their excitement, scratching is a way for cats to relieve their tension. Hence, a wonderful solution for cat owners is to provide a scratching post as an acceptable place to scratch. The Calypso Everlasting Cat Scratcher is a recommended option to encourage your cat to claw on and ease their energy. Made of durable poly rattan, this tall and sturdy piece features a weighted bottom to prevent toppling over by bigger sized cats. With clean modern curves, this beautifully-designed scratching post doubles as an accent piece for your living space.

Every cat lover knows how playful cats can be! Whether you have one or more cats, you can switch up the fun factor by providing them with a safe and solid area to climb, hide, and rest on. Using sleek architectural lines and crafted with strong ply with an oak veneer, the Lotus Cat Tower has both strength and height that support your cats’ climb. Besides perching from the top, this modern cat tree has a pod at the base for your cat to hide in. Built for function, you may even replace the scratching pad and carpeted platforms if they are worn out over time.

Cats appreciate their privacy and alone time. When cats find an ideal hiding spot, they naturally create a comfort zone to relax in. This is also why they enjoy looking for corners in closets and hideouts under the bed to cover their location. If your cat is new to your home, providing a safe spot can help it to adjust better.Wooden Lotus Cat Tower

Lotus Cat Tower in Espressoetter so it does not go missing out of fear. With that said, The Purrrrfect End Table makes the perfect kitty cave for your cat to crawl into without worry. Chic and modern, this side table also makes a good fit for your bedside or living couch that features a top shelf to hold your cat toys or magazines. Keep your cat’s favorite spot clean by conveniently throwing the cushion into the machine for a wash.

Besides hiding spots, it is important to respect the privacy of your cats when they need to ease themselves. The Refined Cat Litter Box Deluxe offers a discrete solution as a hidden cat litter box. Made of rich oak veneer, this enclosed box cabinet features wooden and earthy elements often found in modern design, keeping your litter tray at bay. Thoughtfully-designed, the rear slots provide ventilation for most universal carbon odor filters, preventing any muskiness.

The best modern cat furniture are pieces where function meets form. Keep your selection to modern minimalist and clean lines and you will find comfort in the hands of your aesthetically pleasing home design.

Refined Litter Box Deluxe, Cottage Style, in White