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Press Release

Zen Cat Scratcher™ Balances the Needs of Large Housecats and Keeping Your Home Furniture Scratch Free

The Refined Feline TM introduces new product to bring harmony between cat and cat lover within the home

IRVINGTON, NY May 6th, 2016. Josh Feinkind, President of The Refined Feline®, is excited to debut the Zen Cat ScratcherTM, designed to enhance the relationship between cats and owners and allow cats their own space to stretch, scratch and perch to their heart’s desire. Designed to the same high-quality standard as all of The Refined Feline® furniture pieces, the Zen Cat Scratcher™ is multi-functional serving as a scratcher and perch while fitting seamlessly into a homeowner’s décor.

Available in in two colors, espresso and mahogany, the modern Z-shaped design adds to a room’s aesthetics, while deterring cats from scratching on other home furniture. Crafted from solid pinewood, multiple perches and a wide scratching surface pad make it the ultimate scratcher for even the largest of housecats.

Cat lovers looking to add a splash of color while still providing an area for their cat to claw, can purchase separately FLOR® carpet squares that conveniently fit perfectly into the Zen.

“Many scratching posts are short and low to the ground which we found are not preferred by many cats, especially large housecats,” said Feinkind. “The Zen, with its huge 20” x 40” sisal scratching area, is unique to the market and provides a more ideal place to claw that can help keep cats from scratching sofas and chairs.”

The Zen Scratcher™ is available online at TheRefinedFeline.com for $149.99. For video product review, click here. Additional information, products, images and interviews available upon request.


The Refined Feline® launched in 2004, offers a line of modern cat furniture including cat towers, litter boxes, cat scratchers, cat trees, shelving, beds and more, all with both design and function in mind. The Refined Feline® is proud to offer stylish products that cats enjoy and cat lovers are proud to display in the home.

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