Why All Dog and Cat Furniture Isn't The Same

By G. Saintiny

Got sprawling or fragile cat tree furniture, cat litter furniture, or dog furniture? Discover The Refined Feline's cat furniture, dog beds, and more.


Because, from humble litter box to luxury dog furniture, all cat and dog furniture are not created equal.
Non-toxic cat furniture can mean the difference between frisky and hospitalized pets.
Designer dog furniture shouldn't get chewed-through in no time.

Replaceable cat tree parts mean not having to buy the whole unit, but just an inexpensive panel, after your cat's done clawing.

Cat tree furniture that comes "in any color as long as it's gray" doesn't compare to real choices of structural and surface composition, as well as models with true functional differences.

And, unique cat trees with little more climbing possibilities than ground-level dog beds won't inspire pride in pets nor in visiting humans.

So, for even mere litter box enclosures, The Refined Feline is required browsing. And, surprisingly, it also offers designer dog furniture for puppies and canine miniatures.

The Refined Feline's-say-unique cat litter furniture, also takes health into consideration. So, wood isn't treated with dangerous preservatives. Same with cat trees and all cat furniture and dog furniture.

It's great that not all cat furniture is covered in beige shag, but if the wood is dangerous to lick, your pet's best interests are not being served.

Flimsy cat tree furniture? Not The Refined Feline's. Beautiful pine wood models rise majestically and yet allow for multiple cat play without tipping over or falling apart.

And, your puppy may well outgrow his or her luxury dog furniture long before it's ready for disposal.

Replaceable Parts/Easy Cleaning
Throw away a litter box? Fine, but cat litter furniture or designer dog furniture? Best to put that off.

That's why The Refined Feline's exotic cat trees and luxury dog furniture feature removable wood panels, easy to clean and inexpensive to replace.

And, given what can occur in an enclosed litter box or dog bed, this can mean substantial savings.

Choices And Functionality
Unique Cat tree furniture shouldn't all look the same, given how similar it can be to modern sculpture. The Refined Feline offers two wood stain options, as well as Beige berber carpet to blend into your home's décor.

Why, even if you own both a dog and cat, your cat litter furniture and dog furniture can actually match!

Furthermore, the various cat trees, cat castles, and designer dog furniture pieces are truly different models. They spread differently through space, some emphasizing hiding nooks, others emphasize free leaping functions, for example.

Vertical Beauty
Luxury dog furniture should reflect dogs' down-to-earth nature. But, even The Refined Feline's cat litter furniture goes vertical. And popular Lotus models are a masterpiece of wave-like profile, creating an impression of breath-taking height.

So, looking through The Refined Feline's array of quality cat and dog furniture is truly a rewarding experience. Give it a try. It may totally change how you look at pet furniture.

The Refined Feline's Unique Cat Furniture

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