Vertical Cat Furniture Living Space for Happy and Healthy Cats

The Refined Feline Cat Furniture designs offer vertical living and playing space for your pet. Homes are built for humans, of course, and we occupy a horizontal plane. Cats, however, have the ability to enjoy this horizontal plane in addition to going vertical. Climbing, vertical scratching, perching, and jumping are activities cats must partake in daily to remain healthy and happy. Many domesticated animals are becoming obese because they do not get the exercise their body requires to stay fit. Cats are especially prone to this because many are strictly indoor pets, and people typically do not train their cats to take walks like the family dog. Therefore, incorporating furniture into your home that is specially designed for your cat is vital for promoting longevity and happiness.

Unfortunately, cats relieve their instinct to climb, explore, and scratch by utilizing our human furniture. This often results in damage to very fine furnishings we like to display in our homes. How many of us have attempted to protect beautiful upholstery with unattractive flat sheets or blankets, even tin foil?

Luckily, hiding furniture from your feline family members is now a thing of the past. The Refined Feline has developed a line of Cat Furniture that can be easily incorporated into any home's décor while still providing your cat with vertical space they can call their own. You will certainly be pleased with the aesthetic qualities of our products, and your cat will love all the amenities each unique design provides.

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