Unique Cat Furniture Designs are a Hit with Cat Owners

The Refined Feline's cat furniture designs have been received enthusiastically by cat-owners nationwide. From our national survey, to our home testers, to our unveiling at Pet Age's Pet Expo in Atlantic City, we have heard nothing but wonderful reviews of our pieces. We believe this is due to our company's primary goal: providing high-quality, functional Cat Furniture that the cat owner will proudly display in the home's main living quarters.

All other products on the market, usually referred to as cat trees, cat condos, or as cat gyms, are typically enveloped in unattractive, cut-pile carpeting; and often, cat owners do not even have a choice of carpet color. Due to the fact that the body of these designs is covered in carpet, should a small section become damaged, the entire unit has to be replaced. In addition, the structural designs of most of these products leave much to be desired.

It is true that cats may not care much about the aesthetic qualities of his or her cat tree. However, The Refined Feline, as well as many cat owners, believes that if the consumer is going to spend a large amount of money on cat furniture, there needs to be more options available to the cat owner. The Refined Feline presents the discerning consumer with three gorgeous, patent-pending designs that are truly customizable, making it a pleasure to incorporate our Modern Cat Furniture into your home.

The Refined Feline Cat Furniture clientele is afforded the following:

  • A reduction of shag-style carpeting - cats do not really need that much beige carpet anyway!
  • Richly stained and sturdy pine wood construction compliments any home décor. Wood surfaces are coated in non-toxic polyurethane to prevent damage from scratching.
  • Two (2) wood stain options and five (5) quality berber carpet colors mix-and-match to create multiple looks that will accent any home’s interior style. Cat owners are pleased to display Cat Furniture that faithfully reflects their personal style.
  • Parts prone to wear and tear are replaceable – saving the consumer money! No longer must an entire unit be replaced if a cat damages an isolated section of cat furniture.
  • Luxury options are available, including plush, designer cushion covers and cat grass planter for the Watchtower.

These improvements generate an exemplary product that is not only practical and functional for cats' needs, but is also a worthy addition to any home. The Refined Feline Cat Furniture designs are truly fine furnishings for your cat that should be displayed with pride and will certainly become great conversation pieces.

The Refined Feline provides all this at comparable prices to other Cat Trees and Cat Houses currently on the market!

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The above article is written by an independent author and may not represent the views of The Refined Feline Cat Furniture

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