The New Modern and Stylish Cat Walk Cat Shelf

What's a cuter way to entertain your cat (and possibly you and your friends) then with a cat walk or cat shelf? It's a convenient place for your kitty to perch or exercise her leaping skills. And with the modern cat furniture offerings at The Refined Feline, you won't sacrifice your home's style to please your cat.

If floor space is at a premium, adding a cat walk is an excellent way to preserve space and meet your cat’s needs. Comfy, wide shelves mount to your walls in any way you like or the way that best suits your feline. Your cat will find a sturdy landing pad that can sustain up to 70 lbs. and the pressure from her leaps. The metal shelves include a foam cushion covered in plush faux sheepskin, preventing slips and providing a soft bed to lie on. Sold in sets of two, you have the flexibility of adding as many as you desire, or mounting as few as you want.

Don’t Just Add a Cat Walk, Add a Luxury Catwalk

Just because it's functional for your feline doesn't mean it can’t be stylish too. As a cat shelf, it looks just like that - a shelf! From a distance it may look like it should house books, photos, or artwork. You can choose from three different neutral colors so the shelves will fit in with an ultra-modern loft apartment or a more classically designed town house. Matching the cat walk to your wall color will keep your space modern and visually clean.

It's easy to give your cat a challenging way to walk around the room while encouraging her to avoid your furniture. And you don't have to compromise the design integrity of your living space either. Add a cat shelf that saves floor space, is safe and cozy enough for your feline, and pleases your eyes as well. Get the best of both your worlds with a modern cat shelf or shelves.


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