Engage Your Cat with a Cat Walk

Have you mulled over about taking your nice cat for a walk? A lot of people only imagine taking their dog for a walk but many would never consider taking their family cat for a walk. Well taking your kitty for a nice walk can be done. With some dash of encouragement and some patience you will have your cat strolling along with you in due time.

You may have that quaint idea that your cat should stay in your house all year round. Maybe you are worried that your kitty will get lost or wander around into traffic. You may be afraid that your cat will attack a small animal such as a bird or a chip monk. Set aside all these mental reservations and engage yourself in taking your cat for a walk so that your cat would benefit greatly by the experience of being outdoors. It will relieve your nice kitty of boredom not to mention the physical exercise that they would be getting.

To allay your fears, you can control the outdoor activity of your kitty by providing a safe and controlled outing. You can do this by getting your cat use to a harness and a lead.

Harnesses and leads can be bought at a known pet stores or department stores. If you are hard pressed to find one design for a cat, a small harness meant for a small breed dog like a Chihuahua, will work just fine. This will be a good substitute.

Abetting your kitty for a cat walk

Let your cat peruse over the harness and lead when you bring them home. When the kitty is no longer interested in the harness, it is time to try it on for a different size. Begin leaving the harness on for small increments of time and then gradually increase the time it is on. A five-minute time is a good starting point and work up from there. Within two to three weeks your cat should be accustomed to wearing the harness.
You might want to try to take your cat outside with a lead attached. A nice start is by sitting outside with your kitty and let it observe and get used to being restrained. After that, try to encourage your kitty to take a few steps with you. Food tidbits can assist tremendously in getting an unwilling cat to move and stroll around with you.

In due time you will be pleasantly surprise to find out that your cat is able to walk in small distances with you with much gusto, actually enjoying the outdoor and eventually will start waiting at the door to go out.

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