Modern Cat Furniture Shelves Promote Harmony and Well-Being

Vertical perches provide multiple levels for playing, relaxing, and observing. Domesticated cats, especially those who are strictly indoor pets, require novel and challenging activities to stay healthy and happy. Multiple levels, a trademark of cat trees, cat houses, shelves, kitten condos, gyms, and The Refined Feline's Cat Furniture, are essential in homes with multiple cats. Varying levels not only accommodate a number of pets, but also display the hierarchy within the cats' social network. These conspicuous displays of power actually help relieve stress within the cat group and promote healthier behavior.

In addition, the shelves incorporated into our modern cat furniture provide respite for cats. Though shelves are designed to hold multiple cats, it is typical for a single cat to claim a shelf as his or her own. This grants a single cat some personal space away from the rest of the group and home in general. Providing your cat with a perch upon which he or she can look down on the home and observe is a true joy. All cat owners know that cats seek out these high and out-of-the-way spaces to relax. Our Cat Towers offers perches and shelves at varying heights, appealing to both cats’ needs and owners’ style.

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