Cat Tower: Designed to spare your furniture from being scratched to pieces

Our beloved kitties are nice pets to have especially if you have a busy work schedule. They are very dependable and can stay occupied indoors for quite a period at a time. In addition they use litter boxes which can be positioned indoors and that means you never have to fret about an incident after missing a walk. A recognized disadvantage to owning a cat is its claws.

From the period a cat is a little kitten it has sharp claws that are ideal for scratching for fun or defense. Aside from being great for scratching the claws are ideal for aiding your cat cling to surfaces when they are moving around. A lot of cat owners have been petrified to find that their couches and other home furniture have been scratched to bits simply because kitties have been jumping from surface to surface in their random play. A good solution in sight is to get a cat tower.

The Upside of Getting a Cat tower

Cat furniture towers are a refreshing and ideal place for cats to stroll around which will simply deter them from jumping on your furniture when they want to play around. The typical cat tower is a tall structure that is ideal for your kitty to jump and climb on. They usually give little cubby holes that your kitty can curl up and sleep in when they get tired out from all of their playing. Most of all they are draped in material that is great for scratching so your kitties will spend their time sharpening their claws on the great tower rather than clawing your furniture to bits and pieces.

Cat towers are offered in a wide array of shapes and sizes so you do not have to think about getting something that is big or too tiny. There are some cat furniture towers that are ideal for one cat and some that are meant with two or more cats in mind. They also appear in a wide range of colors and materials so you do not have to think about settling for something that will counter horribly with your own furniture. And most of all, cat furniture towers are so affordable. A lot of cat furniture towers which are tall, elaborate, and meant for multiple kitties are low priced. Cat owners do not have to think about breaking their tight money just to spare their furniture. And cat towers can be replaced as often as you want it without causing financial hardship to the owner of the cat.


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