Cat Furniture and Your Dog - Your Cat Will Thank You

The Refined Feline family recently had a new addition, a female Italian Greyhound named Niblet. She has brought smiles to everyone, with one exception - Kerpal, the first company pet, a tawny Abyssinian. To the dismay of many cats out there, cat owners can be dog owners, too. Though tensions rise when a dog is brought into the home, cat furniture can become your feline's new sanctuary.

Our Cat Furniture designs offer:

  • High spaces many dog breeds cannot reach. At 4 and 6 feet tall, our Cat Furniture is completely inaccessible to dogs. Your cat will find solace in these higher regions forever foreign to the floor-bound hound.
  • A safe place for cat food. Always a tempting treat to our Niblet, now we simply place the cat's food in The Watchtower's cat grass tray.
  • Privy privacy. Litter boxes may also be placed in the cubby of the Lotus Cat Tower and Little Lotus Cat Tree, helping to prevent curious canines from exploring this not-so-sanitary area.

Kerpal certainly appreciates having his own home that he will never be forced to share with the puppy. We are first and foremost dedicated to providing your cat with functional and beautiful cat furniture. But as we have seen first hand, smaller dogs also relish the den-like cubbies incorporated into these Cat Furniture designs.

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