Cat Furniture Can Save Your Relationship

By Sally Jenkins

Are you ashamed of your cat furniture? Do you hide your cat tree when visitors call? Is your litter box limiting your choice of partner?

Cats are wonderful companions but we all need a special loving person in our lives too. Unfortunately that potential soul-mate may not immediately share our passion for felines. Cheap, scruffy cat furniture, clawed upholstery or damp, unpleasant cat litter may damage an otherwise perfect relationship before it has even had time to begin.

That handsome bachelor with his own tasteful apartment probably has no wish to share his immaculate floor space with a scattering of chewed cat toys, garish cat tree furniture or a mess of wet, exposed cat litter in brightly coloured plastic tray. However, do not despair because a fairy godmother in the guise of The Refined Feline is here to help

The Refined Feline supplies a neat, wooden cat litter box that will solve your problems at a stroke. Like all their luxury cat furniture, the litter box is made of wood and stained in a choice of light or dark shades. The litter box includes a storage drawer to house those well-loved toys and it completely hides the litter tray and any unpleasant odours.

That sweet girl you met at work will not be impressed by scratched and pet-damaged carpets and chairs, even though you have spring-cleaned your lounge especially for her visit. This feline vandalism can be avoided by ordering The Watchtower cat tree from The Refined Feline. Your cat will transfer his attention from your precious human furniture to his own luxury cat furniture.

The Watchtower is offered with a choice of both wood stain and carpet colour so that it will tone with your own décor. This cat tree is built to last and the parts that wear, such as the sisal rope, can be easily replaced. Invest in this piece of cat furniture and you will no longer need to use unsightly blankets to protect your armchairs from sharp claws.

Maybe your prospective partner is a minimalist fanatic? Fear not, The Lotus cat furniture is a sleek, modern cat tree that will blend into any minimalist environment. This stylish piece of cat furniture is also offered by The Refined Feline in a choice of wood stain.

Both The Watchtower and The Lotus offer a hidden advantage – they will entertain your cat whilst you get on with entertaining your important visitor. Cats love perching on The Lotus or scratching and exploring the depths of the Watch Tower. Add the Cat Grass Kit to your Watch Tower to provide an even greater attraction for your pet and avoid the frustration of having to continually scold him for nibbling the house plants.
Cat furniture from The Refined Feline is designed with the owner as well as the cat in mind. The furniture combines the cat friendly features of high perches, cozy cubbies and sisal scratches with fantastic stylish design.

Don’t waste your time hiding the cat furniture – relax and enjoy the evening ahead!

The above article is written by an independent author and may not represent the views of The Refined Feline Cat Furniture

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