Cat Furniture And Your Cat’s Health

By G. Saintiny

Believe it or not, your choice of cat furniture (from cat tree to litter box) can directly impact your pet’s day-to-day health.

That’s why The Refined Feline offers cat litter furniture and cat tree furniture sporting wood surfaces coated in non-toxic polyurethane and quality berber carpetry to reduce hairball incidents and allergic reactions. Plus, despite its name, The Refined Feline even offers luxury dog furniture for your refined canine!

By rethinking cat tree furniture, health and cat castle designs, The Refined Feline makes life with cats easier by designing cat furniture with a smaller footprint. This furniture simultaneously expands your cat’s fun, exercise, and napping opportunities. All of this impacts directly on your cat’s health.

As just pointed out, The Refined Feline is aware that more and more cat owners also love dogs. For this reason, designer and luxury dog furniture and dog beds have been introduced for puppies and smaller house litter furniture

Dogs love these new styles of dog furniture as much as cats love theirs. But, dogs tend to be ground animals. Dog beds are therefore on ground level, while cat tree furniture lets cats nap several feet above-ground.

A vertically focused piece of cat furniture (a.k.a. a cat tree) means that your cat always has a safe hiding place from your curious or feisty dog.

Cats will climb a cat tree, because it makes them feel like cats, while dogs with luxury dog furniture have less reason to intrude upon feline space.

Cats also enjoy scratching posts, which are included at ground litter box level in The Refined Feline’s designs, making these truly complete pieces of cat furniture.

There’s more to a good cat tree than emotional benefits, though. Did you know that some companies build cat furniture and dog furniture out of wood treated with harsh toxic preservatives?

How harsh? How does formaldehyde sound?

Would you let your cat lap-up a spoonful of formaldehyde? Would you spray it onto a dog bed or other piece of dog furniture?

The Refined Feline wouldn’t think of it.

After all, what’s the point of a beautiful piece of cat tree furniture or luxury dog furniture, if it lands your pet in the hospital?

Now, let’s talk about cat litter furniture and hygiene. The Refined Feline’s cat litter furniture and litter box enclosures do a lot to increase hygiene in a house with cats. And, if you have dogs as well, it keeps them from making things even messier. Less germs from an unconfined litter box means a healthier household, all around.

Wholesome building materials, more exercise per square inch, a haven from dogs, climbing and scratching fun, better hygiene, and beautiful sculptural designs. The Refined Feline’s cat furniture collection offers all this. And, for dog lovers, there’s designer dog furniture and dog bed possibilities second to none.

It’s almost enough to make a human purr (or yelp with joy, if you’re in the market for designer dog furniture). Either way, your pets will love you for it.

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The above article is written by an independent author and may not represent the views of The Refined Feline Cat Furniture


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