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 Cat Tree Testimonials

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"My cat LOVES your cat tower!"

- Wendy Diamond
Editor in Chief, Animal Fair Magazine

"We bought the Lotus cat tree and our cat and us are super happy with it! She spends most of the day at the tree looking at the birds. It looks beautiful in the bedroom and every person we have showed it too has loved it as well.
Thank you for designing a cat tree that is practical, stable, and pleasant to the eye."

- Cecilia G., CA

"What a beautifully designed, well organized set of instructions. The only furniture assembly we've found comparable is with IKEA! products.

Cayenne (7 mos old) helped from the moment I started pulling pieces from the box and taking inventory until I broke into the small hardware bits - then he got banished to the bathroom till I was done. He was immediately thrilled on completion.

Mocha (14 mos) is slower to warm for everything but she's putting it to full use for the past several days now.

And Ed and I couldn't be happier with it's elegant design. Thank you."

-Sandra and Ed D.

"I just wanted to tell you that I received my Lotus Cat Tree last
week, and I couldn't be more delighted! I waited over six months, and
looked at a lot of other options, but once I saw your product on-line I just
knew that it was the perfect one for our multi-cat household. And I was

It arrived at 10:30AM and I had it put together by 1:00PM. It couldn't
have been easier, and I did it all by myself (a middle-aged housewife!)
Even as I unpacked it I could tell that this was a quality product.
Everything was well protected and marked, and I was impressed with the
beautiful wood, the strength of the individual pieces, and the
craftsmanship. It is an absolutely gorgeous piece of furniture.

Our cats have been enjoying it ever since. We have eight in all ... yes,
we are right on the borderline of being a "crazy cat family." But with that
many cats in the house, it's very important that they have options about
sharing space in the household. And your cat tree really offers that
opportunity, and it looks great at the same time. Already we have several
who love to sit on the top hammock, and several who spend a lot of time on
the lower shelves.

Most impressively, even my husband agrees that it is a beautiful piece of
furniture. And he does not like a lot of "stuff" filling up the house! I
ended up putting the Lotus cat tower in one corner of our living room (after trying it
in several places) and it fits in delightfully. It looks like a graceful,
sculptured room divider. With a lot of cats on it!! "

-Tami R.

"Daisy just loves the Lotus cat tree! We keep it in the dining room so she can watch us while we eat-- without jumping on the table! She also loves to play catch on the top shelf. I toss her favorite stuffed toy up to her, she catches it and tosses it back down. She could play like that all day. Thanks for the great product."

-James and Debby H.

"We were very happy to find your products, we've put off buying a tall cat tree for years because they take up so much room, require constant vacuuming and still seem to be giant fur traps! Here in the south, carpet holds humidity and always feels somewhat damp too. Thanks so much for your beautifully designed cat-happy furniture."

-Vivian G.

Click to see customer's cats on our products

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