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 Cat Education

The following are articles regarding training and caring for your cat. They are indepenent authors and may not represent the views of The Refined Feline

New Cat to the Home
-How to Bring Home a New Kitten
-Worms in Puppies and Kittens

Cats and your Furniture
-House Cat Training: Deal With Furniture Scratching
-You Can Have Your Cats and Your Furniture Too

Older cats
-Cat a Tad too Active in Her Old Age?
-Feeding your Senior Cat

-Washing Your Kitty: Not As Hard As You Might Think
-Teaching Your Cat a Few Lessons
-Does Your Pet Have a Healthy Appetite?
-House Cat Training: Deal with Play Fighting and Spraying

-Health Benefits of Cat Ownership
-Spay and Neuter:The Best Thing You Can Do For Cats!
-When You Die and Leave Your Cat Behind

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