Interview in Pet Product News

August 16, 2011 by
Filed under: Company News 

In the August issue of the trade magazine Pet Product News, I was interviewed for an article on cats and their preferences.

 “’When it comes to sleep and play habits, cats can be categorized into two groups. Bottom dwellers like to be low to the ground,’ Feinkind said. ‘On the other hand, there are cats that always like to be elevated. Cat furniture that is 4 to 6 feet tall is high enough for a cat to feel its being elusive, but not out of reach of its owner.’”

 The article, which discussed emerging trends in cat furniture, featured several The Refined Feline brand products including the Igloo Pet Bed and Kitty Ball Bed which are ideal for cats who prefer a ground-level hideaway. The article continues, noting the upcoming Catemporary Cat Castle, as a perfect fit for any height-loving feline. 

 The article notes our use of a variety of materials to develop stylish products for every price point.

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