Luxury Cat Furniture presented at the NYC Pet Show

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The Refined Feline presented its luxury cat furniture products at the 1st Annual New York City Pet Show on May 22nd to the 23rd. For the first time we presented our newly designed litter box furniture to the public. Our Refined Litter Box and Refined Litter Box Electric products are now made in the US and are built with a stile and rail frame. They still have a reversible entrance, storage drawer, and sliding botton tray for easy litter access. Our Corner Litter Cabinet also has the same stile and rail design. Listening to consumer feedback on earlier models, we included a larger plastic litter tray. An external litter catch will be offered with each litter box to catch stray litter as cats exits the litter box.

While the NYC Pet Show was dominated by dogs, we did have many cat enthusiasts stop by our booth and offered their compliments on our products. Some even brought their cats to the show. The cats took right to the Lotus, scooping out the crowd from above. The show also featured guest speakers which included Beth Adelman who spoke about “What do cats want from their litter box” and Anne Hohenhaus who presented “Cat myths debunked.”

Next year we plan to take our show on the road, attending consumer pet shows around the country. Maybe we’ll be in your town :)

The Refined Feline Cat Furniture Booth

Cat Tower and Litter Box Furniture presented at the NYC Pet Show

Cat on the Lotus

Cat relaxes on the Lotus Cat Tower

Sphynx cat on lotus cat tower

A Sphynx peers over the crowd from on top of the Lotus

RefinedKind Pet Products Exhibits Cat Furniture at Global Pet Expo

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Booth displaying our cat furniture

Potential buyers at 2010 Global Pet Expo discuss cat furniture needs at the RefinedKind Pet Products booth.

From March 26th to 28th RefinedKind Pet Products exhibited our luxury line of cat furniture at the 2010 Global Pet Expo held in Orlando Florida. 800 exhibiters attended along with 5000 buyers from around the world. This was the first time we attended the Global Pet Expo and we found it quite a success.

We received compliments on not only the products we offered but on the booth design. A living room was recreated completed with sofa, coffee table, and rug to help buyers visualize how our products would work in their customers’ homes.

Our current line was presented including our Lotus cat tower and our newly designed Refined Litter Box. Now American made with metal knobs and a classic stile and rail design. Also exhibited were some new litter boxes and cat/dog beds. We hope to bring these new designs to market by the end of this year.

Not only were domestic buyers interested, but international buyers as well. Those living in Japan, Brazil, and Europe should hopefully see our products available for purchase soon.

Overall it was a successful trade show and we hope to attend another soon to spread the word about our products.

How we got this Dog Proof Litter Box shot.

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Dog Proof Litter Box

Dog Proof Litter Box

Funny how we got this shot of the cat sticking his tongue out at the dog.  It’s a perfect shot for the product its promoting.. a dog proof  litter box.

So it’s actually two pictures photoshopped together. To get the dog and cat to look the right way and position themselves the right way, at the same time, would have been too difficult. So we took the dog and cat shots separately then photoshopped them together. First we shot the dog, moving that big body in place as the owner stood in the corner getting his attention to look the right way.  Next it was the cats turn. He was very well behaved and actually stayed in place. The owner stood off camera while the photographer snapped away.

As the shots are taken they are loaded to a computer to view. My eyes lit up when I saw that one shot had the cat’s tongue sticking out about to lick his nose.  Completely accidental but completely perfect as well. Don’t you think!

How to Prepare to Own a Cat: Furniture Products to Buy. Getting your Home Ready

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No doubt you’re excited at the prospect of bringing home a new kitten or cat! Whether you’ve adopted from a local shelter or purchased your kitten from a breeder, you’ll want to be ready to bring that ball of fluff home.

You shouldn’t need to purchase a lot of items or make a lot of changes to your home at first. Every cat has its own personality and preferences so you won’t know everything your cat needs until you live with him for a while. There are a few basics to buy and things to do to keep your cat safe, healthy, and happy.

What Should I Buy for My New Cat?
A litter box. This is a given. But you don’t need to settle for the plain, ugly ones available at most pet shops. There are much more attractive cat furniture options that cover up those litter trays. Whether you have a lot of space or very little, you can find a modern cat litter box for your home.

A food and water bowl. Some recommend aluminum bowls to prevent bacteria build-up. You’ll need to keep your cat on a regular feeding schedule, using the same type of cat food consistently. While humans need a varied diet, changing your cat’s food all the time will actually cause stomach and bowel irritation. Do research into the brands of cat or kitten food available to find the best brand for your cat.

A cat scratching post. You no doubt know cats love to scratch. But you will doubtfully love your kitten scratching your furniture! So invest in a cat scratching post early on.

A cat bed. Finding a plush cat bed for your favorite feline to nap on is a must-have piece of cat furniture. You can even buy cat beds that sit on your desk while you work, keeping your cat in easy chin-scratching distance.

A cat carrier. It’s important to always put your cat in a carrier when taking him to the vet or anywhere else.

How Can I Keep My Cat Safe?
Besides the things you’ll need to buy, you may also need to make some changes to your house. For one thing, there are products and objects that you may normally not think of as dangerous that may be fatal to your cat. Below is a short list of items that you should keep away from your feline.

1. Cleaning and landscaping products.
2. Bait for pests like ants, mice, and roaches.
3. Human medications.
4. Sharp objects.
5. Small toys.
6. Pennies, mothballs, coffee grounds, and alcohol.

As you can see, there’s not a lot you need to purchase or do to meet your first cat’s needs and desires. A few pieces of  furniture like a cat litter box, scratching post, cat bed, a bowl, and a carrier will do the trick. Some simple hiding and storing of potentially dangerous products and objects will do a lot to keep your cat healthy. So relax and look forward to all the benefits of having a feline friend.

Kitt-In Box wins the 2008 Cat Fancy Editor Choice Award

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Once again The Refined Feline is a recipient of an Editor’s Choice Award from Cat Fancy for its innovation in cat furniture design. This year it’s for the Kitt-In Box desktop pet bed.

This product came about after interviewing cat owners in their home and realizing that cats on the keyboard wasn’t just a problem I had. Others were like me; we loved our cat, but constantly had to pick them up off the desk and put them on our laps or the floor while we worked on the computer. It’s frustrating. We wanted them with us… but wished they could stay to the right or the left of the monitor… not right it front!! After observing one cat owner put a large cat bed on their desk, I had the idea to make a comfortable but stylish cat bed that can clamp on a desktop so it didn’t take up as much valuable desk space. So now you are happy you can work in peace and the cat is happy she has her own place to snuggle up in that’s still near by you.

Looks like the people at Cat Fancy liked it and I hope you will too.

Previous years winners of the Cat Fancy Editor’s Choice award were The Lotus Cat Tower and the Refined Litter Box.

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