How to Acclimate a Second Cat

Here at The Refined Feline there is no such thing as the “crazy cat lady”. We LOVE cats. However, when deciding to add a new feline family member it can be a tricky situation. You want everyone living in your home to be happy and comfortable whether they are covered in fur or not. So, if you are thinking of adding a second cat into your home here are some helpful steps to acclimate your new friend to their new home, while assuring your first cat feels safe and loved.

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1. Quarantine the newcomer. As soon as you bring the new kitty home, put the new cat in a ‘sanctuary room’ (the room can be a bedroom, or even just a bathroom if you’re lacking room). There’s no need to alarm yet. Allow the new cat to get comfortable in its new surroundings.

2. Don’t allow the old cat into the room for the time being. Your old cat may discover there’s a new cat in its territory and decide to lurk by the door. Bribe him away from it with playtime, as it may cause unnecessary stress to both cats. Wait until the new cat is used to the room it is in.

3. Help your new cat to acclimate to the scent of the old cat using footwear. After a couple days have gone by, rub a small clothing item (such as a sock) all over the old cat, to pick up its scent. Then place it in with the new cat. Watch the reaction. Hissing is normal, but if the new cat is okay with the old-cat-scented sock, praise the new cat and give it a treat.

4. Do the same thing, only use a new sock and rub the new cat, then place the sock near your old cat. Hissing is likely to occur. Praise your cat and give it a treat when it calms down.

5. Leave the socks with the two cats for several days if they showed a bad reaction. If they both were okay with it (as in, showed little to no reaction), then you can begin allowing them to see each other.

6. Place your old cat in a room (such as a bathroom) temporarily. Allow the new cat to come out and explore the house without your old cat becoming stressed and possibly harming the new cat. Once the new cat has checked the house out, put it back in the sanctuary room. Now allow your old cat out and watch its reaction. It may become very upset, as it can sense that another cat was on its territory. Allow several days for your old cat to get over it. If your old cat had a good (meaning none) reaction, proceed to next step. If not, repeat.

7. Stack two baby gates on top of each other in the doorway to the sanctuary room, to ensure neither cat can get to the other. Let your old cat discover the new cat in the room on its own. If they both show good reactions, praise them and give them a treat. If not, shut the door and try again some other time.

8. Keep the gates up for a while. You can now leave the baby gates up and the two can meet and greet as they please. After several days have passed, you can allow the two to meet with no barrier. Place them both in a room so you can supervise. If they have a good reaction towards each other, that’s good! If not, go back to step seven and allow them to become more comfortable with each other. Only allow them about ten minutes or so for the first meeting. You can gradually increase it as the days go on, but you don’t want them to become agitated.

9. Work slowly towards the goal. After having only supervised visits in a room for a week or two, if they’re both having positive interactions, then you can allow the new cat out of the sanctuary room permanently. If they’re having negative reactions, then go back and continue slowly introducing them. By following these steps, chances are that your cats will live together in harmony. If they’re still fighting or not getting along, try completely reintroducing them. Some cats will take longer than others.

Spring Cat Concerns

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Spring has finally sprung! There is nothing like basking in the sun after a long cold winter. Your cat definitely agrees- whether they prefer a sunny spot by a window, or prefer to explore the outdoors. However, before you let Felix out to help you garden be aware of what plants could be harmful.



There are poisonous and benign lilies out there, and it’s important to know the difference. Peace, Peruvian, and Calla lilies cause minor issues, such as tissue irritation to the mouth, tongue, pharynx, and esophagus – this results in minor drooling. The more dangerous, potentially fatal lilies are true lilies, and these include Tiger, Day, Asiatic, Easter and Japanese Show lilies – all of which are highly toxic to cats! Even small ingestions (such as 2-3 petals or leaves) can result in severe kidney failure. If your cat is seen consuming any part of a lily, bring your cat (and the plant) immediately to a veterinarian for medical care. The sooner you bring in your cat, the better and more efficiently we can treat the poisoning. Decontamination (like inducing vomiting and giving binders like activated charcoal) are imperative in the early toxic stage, while aggressive intravenous fluid therapy, kidney function monitoring tests, and supportive care can greatly improve the prognosis.


The bulb of the tulip and narcissus plants have the highest concentration of toxins. This means: if you also have a dog that digs, be cautious. – intense gastrointestinal irritation, drooling, loss of appetite, depression of the central nervous system, convulsions and cardiac abnormalities.

Lillies of the Valley

These can cause excessive salivation, watery eyes, sweating, abdominal pain, weakness, convulsions and death. This plant is largely an ornamental plant, but may grow wild near old home sites. The plant is highly toxic to all animals.

If your pet ingests any of these plats call your local Pet Poison Helpline or head to the Vet as soon as possible. Have a safe and sunny Spring!


7 Cool Products for the New Homeowner

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By Addie Holby, Sweet Relish

I’m in the stage of life where my friends and I are buying houses, watching the real estate market, and having very serious conversations about the pros and cons of different lawn treatments. Some have even welcomed a tiny, beautiful, crying new member of their family, while others have had a third “person” for a while – one that meows or barks. Since we’re always comparing notes on how to do x, y, or z, I figured I’d share a few products that make life easier around the home front.

Moving into a new neighborhood can be daunting, exciting, and intimidating. Lots of the people on our street have lived there for years. Invite them over for an introductory happy hour with something very simple: wine and cheese. When the night is over and you’ve made 12 new friends, wrap up your cheese in Formaticum, a cheese paper made with porous material for keeping cheese hydrated, but not steamed, like those plastic baggies.

Martha & Ash make gorgeousgorgeousgorgeous pillows, ottomans and drapes for serious style. Don’t make the mistake of putting off home décor – it’s the most important way to really bond with your new home and make life feel a little more complete. The Refined Feline makes a Cat Cloud shelf that looks like a piece of modern furniture, so not only will you give Kitty a place of her own, but you’ll have the perfect “something” to fill that empty corner.

Cat Clouds

Making your home the haven it is should be a #1 priority. There are practical products that everyone should consider when starting over. You don’t have to buy a new mattress, but updating your tried and true can feel like a fresh beginning. Chili Technology’s mattress pad with heating and cooling technology is a little known but immensely effective way to practically guarantee a good night’s sleep. Wake up feeling renewed and toss a hydra shower burst onto the floor of your shower for another amazing way to start the day. Keep a few in each bathroom so visitors can experience the power of sudsy scent first thing, too.

Chili Pad

There’s something to be said for a regular wipe down of your new house. Once a week, if you can swing it. Investing elbow grease into those dusty corners or grimy tiles can give a sense of prideful ownership once they’re shiny clean. Keep the Dapple surface cleaner around, especially if there’s a mini human around. You may go through these quickly, since they’re kindof amazing and get rid of nasty germs. Speaking of the mini human,Bum Boosa will also be a necessary home companion. Their flushable diaper liners make life and its messes so much easier to manage.

Diaper Liners

Cat Tail Speak

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Here’s hoping your cat is always in “I’m crazy about you” mode…

Holiday Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Pets and Pet Parents

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Looking for a great stocking stuffer for your favorite furry friend? Or maybe for your favorite pet-owner? We have picked a few of our favorites for all types of pets and owners!


1. Pink Cat Zooquarium Fish Bowl

2. BarkBox Gift Box Subscription

3. Water Walker 3 in 1 Dog Leash with Water Bottle, Bowl, and Waste Bags

4. Pet Greens Organic Cat Treats

5. Handmade Octopus Cat Nip Toy

6. The Paw Wash Brushless Paw Washer and Microfiber Mitt

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