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Dog Proof Litter Box

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"Dog Proof" Refined Cat Litter Box TM

Does your dog wandering into the cats litter tray? Keep him our with the "Dog Proof" Refined Litter Box. A strategically placed 8" x 10" entrance hole on top rather than side walls make it difficult for dogs to enter the box. While cats, natural jumpers, easily access their tray from above. Made of ply with wood veneer. Does not include top storage drawer. Bottom tray slides out for easier access for cleaning

Looking to fit an automatic litter box?
See our Refined Litter Box Electric

No Dog? See our standard Refined Litter Box

Measures: 28" w x 19" d x 24.5" h


Keep your dog out of the litter box!


Price: $184.99 + $30 shipping
1 week delivery


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